VFLW - Round 9 vs Richmond @ Windy Hill, 11:30am Sunday 8 July 2018 - DEBUT WIN


A push during a mark is fifty, according to this ump.

14-19 we trail at 16 minutes


Mackrill punished for a legal hip and shoulder. Got real low, ump didn’t care. But we quickly get it out of their fifty after it comes in.


Bullas tackling like a crazy lady, as usual.


Moreau very high forward and busy.

Half-time it’s 2.2.14 trails 3.1.19



Any Mor Mor’s …?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wind getting stronger: 45 degrees towards the school end.


I’d head down there, … sounds way warmer, …


First kick from the centre bounce is to a Mackrill mark. She cons the woman on the mark, runs around her, and hits DeMatteo on the lead!


20-19 we lead


Morcom given 0.1 second opportunity… gooorrrn.

But the kick at goal is rubbish and Ugle marks.


Another tackle free to them at 45, and they hit a lead 25 out.

Misses everything!!!


Mackrill has moved into the midfield. Had a relatively quiet game so far.

#1 Trend is intercept marks, ha ha ha.


Nice contested one on one win for Anwyl at full back.


Anwyl another nice rebound.


Williams off, Ugle on.


Richmond keeping extra players back.


Was a Mackrill intercept, kick to Kendra on the run, dobs it on the run from forty under pressure. Wind helped.

And follow-up point by DeMatteo, touched on the line.


And Mackrill misses from thirty under pressure. Throw in.


27-19 we lead


Quigley snap under pressure a point. Argh.

DeMatteo hurt, but eventually gets up on her own.



Blow to the head? Running off.

Down our end 16 minutes in


Wind in the last qtr ??