VFLW - Round 9 vs Richmond @ Windy Hill, 11:30am Sunday 8 July 2018 - DEBUT WIN


Broken tackle, but Richmond only get the point.

28-20 at 18:20


Tiny Moreau hits a lovely hip and shoulder to lay out an opponent. Wind will definitely favour Richmond in the last, but it is gusty and not constant.


4.4.28 leads 3.2.20 at three quarter time


Get around us!

Wind is 45 degrees, smart play can minimise it.


DeMatteo has a NASTY swelling on the forehead. Out with a bag of ice at the huddle.


Coach: can’t go defensive, but don’t play on at all costs.

Firing them up.

1-2-3 BOMBERS!!!


I’m back in the stand before the Richmond huddle breaks up.


We get a holding the ball free on their dangerous wind-assisted flank.


HUGE kick with the wind is touched, just, by Neaves

And another.



Morecroft using body to advantage, opponent goes flying from her hip.


This is going to be a stressful quarter…

Gotta goal ourselves.


Yep, … could have done with 1 more last qtr, … still need to get at least 1 more.


Nice tackle by Collier.

Richmond not playing an extra back now they have the wind.

We tackle two ball-ups at the top of their goal square…


Trip free to us releases the pressure. Mackrill down the wing and it’s in our half.


Seven minutes chewed up.


They get free and kick from thirty… bad miss but a very Handy Point™.


28-23 we hold on.


I’m a bit conflicted. I played junior cricket with their coach. Ripping fella.

But come on girls!! (If I’m allowed to say ‘girls’…)


Hicks touches one through.



FFS get it up our friggin end for 2 rushed "Handy Ponits"™.