VFLW - Round 9 vs Richmond @ Windy Hill, 11:30am Sunday 8 July 2018 - DEBUT WIN


YaY, well done girls! And thanks to @theDJR for the updates.


Theme on repeat. It’s beautiful.


Oh what a blooody relief.


Historic win! Ta, @theDJR for bringing it to us.


Well, this is the sweetest victory of all – this is the sweetest. This is a victory for the true believers, the people who in difficult times have kept the faith and to the Essendon people going through hard times – it makes their act of faith all that much greater.




He’s a bottler. Goes above and beyond.

Danka DJ. Enjoyed that.



Great to hear the theme song sung with melody for a change. Beautiful end to a beautiful first win.


Who cut those onions?!?


I know…


Today was a good day.

Fark the rest.




Thanks for letting us all live that with you @DJR! YEAH THE GIRLS!


8 JULY 2018 – I need a T-shirt.


DeMatteo had an awful looking mark on her forehead at the huddle after that hit in the third quarter. Back on, runs down the Tiger, into the wind… WIN SECURED.


#1 Trend is excitement.


Was crash tackled by a very happy coach postgame - absolutely stoked for he and the girls who’ve stuck fat despite many frustrating losses.


Seriously, pretty much can’t name a player in the team who didn’t contribute today. The pressure over the entire field was fantastic and 100% provided the win.

The switch of Morecroft forward did not directly result in her scoring but her experience and solid body helped to ensure Richmond made many less effective counter-attacks.


Club bests: Collier (small defender), Nalder (ruck), Neaves (full-back), DeMatteo (forward, two goals), MacDonald (midfield), Mackrill (forward then midfield)

Nalder the only one over 22 years old.

If you look at the Player Points system (where there is a cap on player experience, with 1 the least experienced and 6 the most), Richmond had no one under 3. We had Ugle and Caruso on 1 and Anwyl and Flack on 2. We’ve picked a few good ‘uns from nowhere.

We appear to have been the team with the equal lowest number of Player Points this round. Some teams (e.g. Footscray and Darebin) are at the cap (25% more than us) so must have interesting selection meetings.