VFLW - semi-final vs Pies @ Victoria Park - Saturday 10 July 2021 at 12noon

CBomb collides with Tamsin as she was about to rebound again. Ball spills free, Pies get over the top, and goal.


Tamsin is hurting, comes off.

We’re winning this quarter around the ground.

Tamsin good to go again.

CBomb takes down Molloy.

Dicker turns and laughs at Trev yelling “you’re not playing basketball today, Chloe” after she blatantly throws over her head.

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Prespakis absolutely buries a pie in the tackle

In the AwFuL that would have been a free and a report.

0.4.4 trails 1.4.10 at halftime.

We are the better team. We just need to convert our chances!

Frustrating as around the ground we look better. The pressure the girls are putting on the Pies is immense.

:confused: fek

I can’t overstate how much that quarter was The Georgie and Georgia Show.

Oh,… misread the score. 1 Goal down. That’s not so bad phew.

Lets get this done Dons.

Is their a youtube link somewhere in here for this one?

The player on the afl site is painful.

McGrath with the knee brace.

Anything the AFL touches…

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Tamsin Yassir Ugle Hosking and someone else bench.

We have THREE talls forward. Gillard the extra.

That was just in the back, surely?

What a crock of ■■■■.

Prespakis free against and reported for tackle. Much less aggro than the one earlier…

Running so fast the ball couldn’t keep up with her there… :smirk:

Holy crap. Body work punished. Straight to their end where body work is allowed to mark.

Female ump has come out on a mission: possible 12 point turnaround there.