Victorian MP goes ape

Kudos to my local member

First term Victorian Labor MP Will Fowles has been questioned by police over a disturbance at a Canberra hotel on Thursday morning.

Police were called to the Abode Hotel in Kingston after Mr Fowles had a disagreement with staff over access to his luggage.

Photographs from the Abode Hotel show a door with substantial damage and indicate it might have been kicked in.

Patrons of the hotel say they were kept outside of the hotel for some time while police investigated the incident.

One witness said they overheard a security guard calling for assistance and raised voices between Mr Fowles and the security guard.

When approached for comment by The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday morning Mr Fowles would not comment on the incident but said he would make a statement later in the day.

Been a big 6 months for Will since being elected

  • was linked to the cowboys that destroyed the old Corkman hotel (he was their lobbyist)
  • then linked to an underpayment of workers wages of a hotel he owned in QLD
  • now auditioning for the latest series of The Block

Pretty marginal seat here so Libs would be pushing for a by-election

Who’s going home in the back of the Divvy Van?


lol just read that

Hell hath no fury like a silver-spoonfed, fat ■■■■, entitled private schoolboy…
He’s probably a mate of Dill’s too.


Demons man, former MCC committee member

Real toff, no idea why he is in the ALP


Interesting bloke; Scotch College, rich family but always been a Labor Member from his teens.

Super competitive and very ambitious, who likes a drink or six. Reckon he could be in a spot of bother.

I hope when he repays for the damage caused he pays cash and pockets the savings


Ahh the old Garry Lyon defence

Medication in my luggage, LOL


I gotta say, ‘medication in my luggage’, that’s very creative, well done Will.

Addiction is the modern day break glass in case of emergency excuse.


That’s why the ALP spends millions of taxpayer dollars on the best spin “BS” doctors money can buy

Laters Will.

I don’t really want mentally ill addicts in Parliament.


Kicking/punching holes in walls, hey?

He’s got Alistair Clarkson’s vote.


His anti aggression meds were in his luggage?!

Fowles has always been a piece o’ shizen. It’s why he never won pre-selection earlier despite being a factional player. And even in the state election they put him up in Burwood, which as I understand it was a seat they never thought they’d actually win.

Appropriate name, he basically comes with his own warning. I Will Fowles.

He was unlucky with the publicity - witnessed by a former journo mate of a LIberal MP, who tweeted it all over the place.
Seems he was trying to get his luggage for a flight back, but no-one at reception to unlock the door.

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Unlucky, eh? Riigghhttt…

Phhfft, … who hasn’t kicked the odd Door in ffs, … :roll_eyes:

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Yet another gutter dwelling of piece of ■■■■ politician

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Remember the days when being a violent alcoholic drug addict with mental issues meant you couldn’t become a Politician, or were finished as one if exposed as such??

Ahhhh, … * wistful sigh*


Rubbish. Liz Lukin does not work for them.