Victoria's New Governor a proud Bomber

Victoria has a new Governor…and she’s a Bomber!!!

Linda Dessau, who has been a judge with the Family Court in Melbourne and been on the AFL Commission is the 29th Governor Of Victoria and the first female Governor Of Victoria.

Congratulations Linda on behalf of all Essendon fans.

Was she appointed by EFC supporter Dandrews??

Jobs for the girls.

friends in high places

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Was she appointed by EFC supporter Dandrews??
Yeah, the guy who has committed one hundred million dollars (no, really) to Geelong (to add 2000 seats) and Footscray (to make a bizarre half-arsed diversion to Ballarat).

I remember she was outraged by suggestions that the AFL commission was corrupt 18 months ago, and had predetermined the EFC outcome.

Judges are just lawyers who’ve made it to the top.

My personal opinion is that it’s not possible to be more contemptuous of justice and the law than the AFL.

She was part of the commission that bullied hird into accepting a sanction. I am not so sure I care whether she is a bombers supporter. Funny way to show support. Funny way to demonstrate knowldege of the law, partake in, or turns blind eye to, a kangaroo court.