View New Content

Hi Riolo

When I hit View New Content, it always comes up with no new content, is it me or a system issue?

There can’t be new content when the content already there is not new. If the new isn’t new but you want to view that that is new it is a new new paradox. In fact this post right now is neither new nor new. I hope this is not new knowledge because it cannot be new.

“New content” is dodgy when there’s more than 1 page. It says 3 pages, the second page is half a repeat of the first, and the third may not exist when you click through to the second page.
There was always a few oddities in Old Blitz (someone posts between the requests for the first and second page) but this goes well beyond that.
And make “Mark All As Read” a top-level thing, not something in a menu!

Every now and then for me it wants to show new members, not new content. So I click the link again and it works.

Well, it did work and now it doesn’t work, and I know that there is new content because if I go into the Hangar for example I can see new posts.
I will live without it, but it was very handy.
So let me know if it works for you guys, then I can look at my set-up or something if it is just me, or maybe it is a conspiracy just against me, and if that is the case, then I can accept that !!

Hey Riolo
Stop panicing, I found the problem.
I had ticked, items that I just follow, and as I was not following any items, there was nothing new. So my bad !!