Vintage Blitz Avatars Now Available


The old boards used to have a collection of Essendon avatars pre-sized from our golden era of 2003-2005. Some absolute stunners amongst this lot.


I've taken the time to upload them to Flickr this afternoon, so you can finally have that Justin Murphy avatar you've always wanted.


2005 -[email protected]/sets/72157644428217313/

2004 -[email protected]/sets/72157644387924804/

2003 -[email protected]/sets/72157644373718562/


Also a few bonus selections...


Legends -[email protected]/sets/72157644387990864/

Duds -[email protected]/sets/72157644387515455/


Messiah C Johns.


harsh on michael symonds - in the duds pile.


i always loved watching him, he was kinda like a more unco version of hardingham but by fark he had a crack and could take a mark. i love his 100 meter run up for set shots too.


Blame Andy.


I never lost my avatar. Is that because it's DELL?


Want me to change it to a snap back?


That J Murphy one will be very popular.


Want me to change it to a snap back?



I have lost shirtless michael long in a helmet. Is he redeemable?


Check out the other thread.


Thats a no then. 


was this my av?