Votes from the debacle

3 Gleeson. Reckon he was solid all day.
2 Mcgrath. Calm and clean.
1 Langford. 1st half our only legit mid impact.

Too depressed to think about this game ever again.

3 Gleeson
2 Daniher
1 Watson

Mcgrath? he was handballing it to teammates under pressure all day.

3 gleeson
2 daniher
1 langford

Hurley 3
Watson 2
Goddard 1

Sorry but I thought McGrath was turning it over all day.

3 Hurley.
2 Gleeson.
1 Goddard

No need to apologise. take from the wreckage what you will.

Its frustrating because hes such a talent. needs to back his kicking, afl won’t let you get easy 1-2s or just ping it around for 15 possessions a game.

Votes should be withheld this week.


3 Hurley
2 Gleeson
1 Heppell

Gleeson, joe and goddard( his first half) and langford can all have a vote each. The rest of the players should have to hand back their match payments

3 Gleeson
2 Langford
1 Daniher

3 gleeson
2 daniher
1 goddard

  1. Heppell
  2. McGrath
  3. McKenna

Apologies to Hooker, Stewart, Tippa. Sincerely.

So many votes for McGrath, he ■■■■ himself all day with ball in hand, 4 kicks, 21 handballs? Nope that’s not a good day.


Special mention to Langford, who was in our top 2-3 for the first half.

Nobody worthy of votes this week

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3 Gleeson
2 Joe
1 Jobe

Some weeks it’s so hard to single out just a few cos so many are good. Today was quite the opposite.

Cannot believe anyone gave Hurley a vote.

No-one deserves a vote, but Jobe and BJ were easily our best players, perhaps the only ones trying.

3 Daniher
2 Hurley
1 Gleeson

ok sunshine