Votes Round 2 v. Dees

  1. Big Joe

  2. Zerrett

  3. Hartley (Great Debut)

3 Zerrett

2 Joe

1 Zaka

for mine joe has to kick more goals to deserve the top spot.

3 Zaharakis
2 Daniher (despite his disposal)
1 Zerrett

Honourable mention to Tippa.

  1. Zaka
  2. Zerrett
  3. JD

Deserved votes: Gwilt, Jerrett, Parish, Baguley

Zoe Daniher - would have been more if he didn’t miss all those shots at goal.

Good efforts from Bags, Parish, Tippa and Hartley in his first game. Incomprehensible why he wasn’t selected last week.

I should’ve given Tippa/Walla a vote. He was sensational today

3. Zaka 2. Zerrett 1. JD

Yep, that’ll do me too.

3 Zerrett

2 Joe

1 Zaka

for mine joe has to kick more goals to deserve the top spot.


  1. Z. Merrett
  2. Walla (his disposal efficiency, whilst still taking risky options, was phenomenal)
  3. Zaharakis
  1. Zack
  2. ZDaniher
  3. Zaharakis

I give everyone who played today 100 votes. And 101 for cjohns.


(Parish was next)

3 Zerrett - the 8 tackles and 2 goals seal it (Should have been 3)
Then it gets difficult.
2 Joe, despite the ■■■■ kicking. Dominated the airways.
1 Gwilt - 9 marks, 24 possessions and held their trump card to one goal. Mind you I’d prefer to see Hartley kicking out more.
Zaha, Bags and Kelly unlucky.

  1. Z.Merrett
  2. D.Zaharakis
  3. J.Daniher

Gwilt, Tippa and Parish unlucky

3 Zerrett
2 Zaharakis
1 Tippa

  1. Zerrett
  2. Zaka
  3. Daniher

So many unlucky (Gwilt, Parish, Gleeson, Kelly, Tippa, Bags)

  1. Joe D
  2. Zerrett
  3. Jimmy Gwilt
  1. Zach Merrett
  2. Joe Daniher
  3. David Zaharakis
  1. Joe Daniher
  2. Zach Merrett
  3. David Zaharakis

3 Zerrett
2 Zaka
1 Walla

Unlucky: Gwilt, Daniher, Gleeson