Votes v Syd

3 - Zaharakis
2 - Hurley
1 - McKenna

100 - Fark you, you mother ■■■■■■■ piece of ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■


Zaka 3
Hurley 2
Gleeson 1

3 stewart
2 zaharakis
1 hurley


3 M.Hurley
2 M.Hartley
1 T.Colyer


3 Zerret - 32 possessions, 6 tackles, 8 clearances

2 McKenna - thought he shifted the momentum of the game and should have had the last kickin

1 Gleeson - really stood up in the second when we were getting smashed.

hurly was epic but just lost two many one on ones to Reid to get votes

3 Baguley
2 Hurley
1 Gleeson

Just about the best game I’ve seen Bags play.

3 Bags
2 McKenna
1 Zaharakis

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3 votes - Merrett
2 votes - Bags
1 vote - McKenna

Look, I just can’t agree with that. Hurley did lose some one on ones with Reid, but they cost us FA. Other than that he was epic. Intercept marking and driving us up field and geez, certainly better than Gleeson.

This is an opinion business, and a democracy on top of that so go for it. All I’ve got to say is that Hurley got us a lot closer to victory than Gleeson did, and probably even McKenna (and I’m a fan - but a quiet first half).

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Hurley 3 votes
Merret 2 votes
Zaharakis 1 vote

Hurley was very very good. But Reid could have, and should have kicked 3 maybe 4.

3 Zaharakis
2 McKenna
1 Hurley

Yeah look I can’t really argue with you. I was pretty close to giving him two frankly but the number of one on ones he lost to Reid really bugged me

Maybe he should have. But I should have gone for the brunette over the blonde last weekend too, and I didn’t. Doesn’t count.

How are people not giving Merrett votes?

Was immense all night.

Most contested possessions for Essendon
Most clearances on the ground
2 goal assists

He had one bad kick in the first quarter

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Hey I’m only deciding between left and right and it’s a tough choice


2 Hurley

1 McKenna

Hartley kept Buddy goalless. Nuff said ???

Hurley was the back line general. A couple of silly mistakes, but still worth second spot.

Mo dhuine McKenna gets better and better.

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What about the one in the middle?

3 ZHurley
2 Zaharakis
1 Zerrett