Votes v Tigers

  1. Melksham

  2. Piggy

  3. Lovett-Murray for his final game

3 Melksham
2 Hibberd
1 Goddard

  1. Melksham
  2. Hibberd
  3. Nat Rat
  1. Melksham
  2. Hibberd
  3. Stanton




3 Hibberd

2 Melksham



Baguley and Goddard good too.

  1. Melksham
  2. Hille
  3. NLM




ah ■■■■ it


how about 3 points for all of them, for bothering to show up and risk injury in a totally meaningless game.

  1. stanton
  2. melksham
  3. hibberd

    should give melk 6 votes for dropping that piece of sh*t jackson

3. Melkshake

2. Pig

1. Bags

3 Hibbard


1 Hille

3 Melksham


2 Hibberd


1 Baguley



(if Melksham continues his development from this year into next year he's going to friggin awesome)

3 Melksham

2 Hibberd

1 Goddard

  1. Melksham
  2. Goddard
  3. Hibbard

    How anyone can give Stanton any vote amazes me? Has had a run of very poor games, looks injured and in need of a rest. Jobe and Zaka did OK, NatRat was great!

At the game

3. Hibberd: by a country mile. When he's got the ball it ends up in a teammates hands unlike so many others.

2. Baguley:  Hard at every contest to the end. Plenty of run and rebound.

1. Melksham: very good early but faded in the end.

We have another v good backman in the Hibberd mould, Dalgleish.

Want to see why our F50 efficiency is so bad, watch Stants delivery into it.

  1. Hibberd
  2. Melksham
  3. Stanton

3. Melksham

2. Hibberd

1. Baguley

3. Melksham

2. Hibberd

1. Goddard


Thanks to Hille and NLM also!

3.Hibberd -went in head first, in the first contest of the night- played a great game

2.bags- cracked in hard all game, gave it his all

1.Melksham- played a very good game, one of the shining lights in the 2nd half of the year. Plus he dropped Jackson :D

3. nlm

2. hille

1. davey


Thanks for the memories boys.  Sad to see NLM and Hille finishing without premiership medallions.  Davey may get one more year now due to the draft sanctions, but would not be surprised if that was good bye to him as well.