Votes verses Bin Chickens

1 A McGrath
2 S McKernan
3. C McKenna

Swans were completely Mackered !


Just watched the game again. Hurley had 2 contested marks for the day, one of which was stolen out of Francis hands. AND I will go so far as saying he was not even in our best 10 yesterday, how people gave him votes is like wow.

Hurls continually mis-judged marks by running under the contest and lets the ball out the back, and gives his man too much space. Would prefer Francis or Redman to have the ball in hand cause Hurls makes bad decisions kicking out or when he gets those cheap side or back kicks.

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Yet still no-one cares about your opinions.


2 contested out of 12 marks for the game. Most of them were uncontested/intercept marks meaning that he was well positioned to thwart Sydney’s forward entries. Was listed among the best players not only on Blitz, but in post-game media reports. And I am confident that he will feature in both the coaches’ (and Crichton) votes. Saying that he wasn’t in our best 10 players yesterday only shows that you have an axe to grind with him. Leave you to it.


No axe to grind, just want him to be a backman that is accountable for his man.

He starts paying more attention to his man and less attention to stat gathering I am silenced.

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None of their forwards kicked more than 2 goals.

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Go watch the game champ

3 Zaka
2 Shiel
1 Pidge

He will always get a vote from me

Goes hardest, takes the game on and is the best disposal in the team

Every game

They aren’t “intercept marks” if your own team mate kicks backwards or sideways to you. Intercept marks are when you mark a ball kicked by the opposition sometimes floating across the front of packs. I know some people just look at stats…but stats don’t always tell the full truth do they?

3 votes - the goal post

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I agree with the sentiments, but even champions have a bad day.

Best disposal…LOL

No-one’s put in a valid vote since Sunday, so final votes

Zaharakis 99
McKernan 54
Hurley 41
Shiel 33
McGrath 31
Parish 27
Saad 9
Stringer 5
McDonald-Tipungwuti 4
Redman 3
McKenna 1

David Zaharakis 5
Shaun McKernan 4
Michael Hurley 3
Dylan Shiel 2
Andrew McGrath 1

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