Votes vs Dockers


3 - Hurley
2 - Merrett
1 - Stringer

Surprised there were a lack of stats for him but Guelfi was so important in the contests. I’m confident when he’s near the ball.


3 Hurley
2 Zaka
1 Merrett


Plenty of guys in contention


Could have had Shiel, Zaka, Hepp, Stringer, Ambrose, Tippa

Happy with McNiece’s game too. Will need to play next week.


3 votes, Hurley. A rock in defence all night. Mopped up time and time again. Freo’s tall forwards were pretty much invisible. He was well backed up by Ambrose.
2 votes, Stringer. The mid bull we need. Looked dangerous all night and his foot passing in the F 50 is what others need to emulate.
1 vote, Merrett. Set up a lot of forward thrusts with his creative handball.

HM to Tippa and Guelfi.


3 Merrett
2 Stringer
1 Tippa


3, Merrett
2, Stringer
1, Shiel

Hurley and Zaka special mentions.
Umpiring comical in the last


3 Merrett
2 Shiel
1 Redman


Can’t understand how Stringer hasn’t got 3 votes from everyone.

3 Stringer
2 Merrett
1 Saad



HM: Redman, Shiel & Zaka Hurley,


Stringer 3
Merrett 2
Redman 1


3 Stringer
2 Hooker
1 Guelfi


Hard to go past

3 stringer
2 Merrett
1 Hurley

Shiel - couple of timely goals made his game look good. Monkey off the back.
Heppell - doing the hard work in the clinches as always.
Bellchambers - great physical game.
Guelfi - seems to shine in the big moments
Zaka - good solid game, well done.
Saad - mr reliable. Just a wall in defence and never lets you down.
Parish - everywhere early but faded

Take the 4 points.
■■■■ you AFL


3 Merrett
2 Hurley
1 Heppell


3 Merrett
2 Tippa
1 Shiel


Parish only faded because that bloke whose name is john Worsfold played him off the bench and up forward after quarter time! He had 11 touches in the 1st quarter guess what? Playing in the middle! Suprise Suprise


That left foot kick into the corridor…second time this year…ouch!


Merrett Heppel and Guelfi stiff




Plus one.


3 Merrett
2 Shiel
1 Redman

Unlucky Saad and Heppell.