Votes vs lions tippa all of the votes


3 Tippa
2 Zerrett
1 Brown


3 Tippa
2 Zerrett
1 Brown


3 Tippa
2 Z Merrett
1 Brown


Righto champ




What’s the ‘champ’ bit for?
You said you had many players in your bests - but you didn’t vote for anyone at 3rd place. I’m pointing that out to you, so you don’t forget.


Pretty helpful, champ.



Thanks for making me check to see whether I need to change the spreadsheet.

Both of you, champ and chief!


As if you wouldn’t enjoy that, Bucko…


Come on, dude!


Nothing’s going to change these votes, so calling at a couple of hours early. Last valid vote was 2 days ago.

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti 284
Zach Merrett 135
Mitch Brown 63
Michael Hurley 29
Patrick Ambrose 15
Dylan Shiel 14
David Zaharakis 11
Cale Hooker 10
Dyson Heppell 5
Mason Redman 2


But I wanted to vote for




I’ve been irrelevant before, but never declared so preemptively.


That’ll learn ya, slow coach.


Wouldn’t have made any difference to the order anyway.


At least I got to help preempt my own irrelevance.


It had previously been noted.:wink:

But not as irrelevant as the poster who gave Walla only 2.