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Is she a digital native?


WTAF is it with everyone, including many on this site, going on about story ‘arcs’ ffs???
Suddenly, every character in a movies has a farking ‘story arc’???


Sorry, but I think that’s an actual thing, and a good thing.
It’s more satisfying to know why even minor characters are the way they are, particularly antagonists.
Like Malfoy in the first few Potter movies where he’s just a token jerk, to the last few where he’s much more complex, and if not relatable then perhaps understandable.


etc, etc.

Don’t criticise others, you’re all doing it. Right? (Now I’m doing it!)


I passed a restaurant a while ago. According to a notice in the window, it was “Closed for Reimagining”.


If it weren’t for forum censorship, I wouldn’t need to use those.
Actually, if it weren’t for my outrage and temper, I wouldn’t either.


I had a saleswoman ask me if i liked the colour wave of her product…

also the term we have to be fluid…well it quite correct as many I work with go to water very quickly!





Completely agree. I’ve started to use LOL, and I still feel as though I’m losing a piece of myself every time I do.


Our new marketing managers favourite word is treatment
Ie. the treatment that we will apply in these circumstances is blah blah farking blah

Also hate

Bespoke - everything in the world needs to be tailored so why say it as if it is something unique

Our xxxx - in stead of saying Fred from accounting it is “our Fred”, wow!


You’re missing the point: the word arc is the wank. They have a story, end of phrase. Like there’s no need to refer to a rain event.


You did not?


l don’t use it, even when l do. Highly amusing thread. l am very glad l don’t have to suffer listening to any of that drivel.


‘Good shout’, ‘low hanging fruit’, ‘the juice is worth the squeeze’ - all ■■■■ me off, and there are loads of others


Deep dive
‘Talking to the presentation’ I sent through earlier
Take the temperature
Call it out
What were the ‘Take aways’
Best practise
In this space
At a high level


Deadset, how retarded are people these days? It’s talk about something, the presentation cannot talk back to you, fucktards.


I copped all of those phases today.


We no longer have accountants, we only have financial accountants. Unlike those other type of accountants.


That’s a rough day!


A day with consultants. FMD.