Watching games from overseas

Hi guys,
I’m going overseas Sunday but I’m keen to watch the ANZAC Day game; what’s the best app to do so? Happy to pay, just want to be able to see it.
I won’t have a laptop, only my iPad so I’m assuming some torrents are ruled out.

I have the WatchAFL app through Fox Footy. Works well.


It’s live in the US on Fox Sports 2.

My PSVue package has it.

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If you get desperate hit me up and I’ll have a handful of stream links.

I used WatchAFL also - they sometimes have a number of free games before you pay. Don’t forget to unsubscribe once you’re home.

I used kayo in Japan last month with a VPN to select Aust network. Worked well

WatchAFL works well.

Anyone know what works in italy ?

Not the locals.


yeah but they are happy and enjoying life


The Mafia?

Watch AFL ap will work. Basically it’s just a stream of Fox Footy.

WatchAFL has always been great for me

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AFL live app works fine, watched us beat the Eagles last year in Amalfi.

will be using it again in a couple of weeks in Sicily.

you can use up to 2 devices per account, so we just had a stream each on our phone with 1 muted.

You got to pay for them, don’t you?

like $5 a round for unlimited replays and fox footy channel until the next round starts.

I’d just enjoy the holiday.

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I have a VPN (so I can watch a range of US channels when I’m in Melb). I’m in Japan at the moment - just set my region to Australia, and watch a range of sports (cricket, footy etc) on Kayo - works a treat, even off WiFi.

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