Waving Scarves Initiative

So I thought I would create this thread because I know people at the club read blitz and they might listen to this. First, let me say I love the scarf waving, I think it is a great idea. However, why is it being done at the breaks in the game? Last night at 3 quarter time there were messages of wave your scarves at the end of kiss cam. In my opinion it should only he used at the start of the game and if we win. It should be special, and I think doing it during the game at the breaks lessens the impact and makes it less special. Hope others agree.


What i didn’t like last night was the dance thing still going while the players were in position. Everyone on the ground was ready to go and they are wanting to show people in the crowd dancing on the screen?


Agree with both of the above posts. We all know how to barrack hard for our team, no need to try to manufacture it.


It’s typical Essendon. Good idea, poor execution. Get rid of the ‘make some noise’, ‘wave your scarves’ banners at every break and just concentrate on getting people to wave their scarves as the team runs out only. Nobody where I was sitting was bothering last night.

And while I’m at it, if you really want to get the ‘we are Essendon’ chant going, change the banner signage before the game to emphasise the point. It’s confusing and ineffective as it is.

Going to other clubs home games, I reckon we use the banner signage worse than any other team in the comp. it needs to be more in your face - the way Richmond use it for their theme song is a good example.

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Kiss cam is some serious heteronormative bawlsheeeet

If they ever go near me I’m snogging some fat old bloke WITH TONGUE and DAMN RIGHT I’M GETTING HANDSY.

Don’t tell me what to do.


In no other situation in the world would it be right to say “hey you! KISS THAT PERSON NEXT TO YOU”


The afl copies anything American. If it’s American it must be good.
They are not capable of having an independent thought.
And you are right about putting pressure on people to kiss each other in public.


At the game entertainment is abysmal. Sack rodski


Needs more J-Lo

I don’t like the scarf waving. I think it should stay traditional and only occur against the Eagles.
If we do it at every break, it’ll lose its importance.

I do like the count down before the bounce. Preferred last year when it counted down showing pictures of the players as it counted down.

I did like the, try to beat the bomber along the fence run. I think that could work.

Hate kiss Cam and dance Cam. And any other lift those banners for a prize crap.


A couple years back they had that fan cam where someone did something stupid. There was a bloke who ate a hotdog in about 1.6 seconds. Just get that bloke every week doing something more and more crazy.

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You know that bloke was a plant, right?

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Agree that this should be dropped. No one responds when the promo comes up on the screens/banners which is quite embarrassing. We all know it’s a West Coast thing and it definitely loses its value if we do it at every home game.

Think we should aim to maximise the “we are essendon” chant - sounds awesome when the whole stadium does it.

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It’s hard for the club because they want to create more of an atmosphere but you have you realise that most of the atmosphere is actually organic, it’s really hard to manufacture it. Perhaps the best time to wave the scarves is if we have a bit of a run on and gaining momentum? But of course, you don’t have someone saying it over the loudspeaker.
Last night the atmosphere in the first quarter was awesome, due to the fact we couldn’t stop scoring.

As that ■■■■■■■ kiss cam is a disgrace (though it’s not just us that does it)


Next you’ll be saying jet fuel can’t melt steel beams

The crowd went berserk!


Great post.

Every team is trying to get the fans up and about during breaks, but the public just don’t give a sh*t. We’ll cheer for good pieces of play - that’s about it.

I guess the AFL need something to show for their NFL junkets.

People would be happy for them to just put up the stats on the big screen and interview past/present players or coaches in the breaks.

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The club should let the fans create their own atmosphere. If the game is great, if we are on a roll for weeks, the atmosphere will be there. Its doesn’t need to be manufactured.
Its also Ok for people to have down time and want to talk with friends.


Exactly. People don’t like being told to do things to create atmosphere, it should just be natural. I prefer when I was a kid attending games where there was a curtain raiser and then just the normal buildup to the seniors, there was no spruiking anywhere to be seen!


During the breaks of course. Thankfully my wife understands this