And Victoria is more like Northern Tasmania.



You know, it’s funny, but I’ve never been.
Fremantle, sure, more than once.
Geraldton, lovely golf courses.
Karratha, Shark Bay, Monkey Mia, Carnarvon, Exmouth…gosh, Exmouth…Karratha, Port Hedand, Broome…never seen the main street of Perth.
Even been to Albany, Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie.

But I’m sure Perth is lovely.

Edit: And Karratha deserves two mentions.


I wouldn’t recommend going to Geraldton just quietly.


I liked Council House, Perth.


I still cannot understand why Perth is wasted on West Australians.

I will never understand why we let you join our footy competition.

I would be in favour of laying waste to South Australia to create a no-go zone for those who try to drive over fron the west.

So let’s dig a moat and leave you all in the West to play in your own backyard.


Like 99 pc of comments on here its all guess work - I don’t know if hes great, good, does things to pot plants in hotels or flys first class when everyone else is in economy.


as ive said like yourself the coach is largely irrelevant in cricket, but my point is that changes if hes charged with a poorly performing and/or inexperienced team. which he is. If he was in charge instead of when Buchannan was I personally don’t recon it would have made a rats of difference. how could it? his personal back ground means stuff all. To use warne as an example again, you have possibly the biggest example of whats wrong with a human moralistically, but still new pretty much how to run the direction of a game if he felt like it.

Without having a position description for a national coach handy, Langer ticks a few boxes. His ability to improve a struggling team. in several formats. Hes won competitions. no he didn’t win a shield but he bought them from last to at least challenge for the shield on a couple of occasions. Yes theres only six teams, hardly anything to get excited about, but from memory WA cricket in general was barely competitive before that. So he must be able to get the best out of people. Hes got cnt. he is a cnt. he probably was a revolting little oik when he played but who wasn’t from any era in Australian cricket. even if its not ingrained its encouraged.

weve covered he doesn’t tolerate those operate outside of just being a cnt, in to being a ■■■■■■■. Has to be a bonus. The theory seemed to work at Sydney, seemed to work with the patriots (or some other franchise in an American sport). Makes it easier than trying to manage them once theyre in. If he does that, then backs himself to get the best out of what hes got, that seems to be a pretty simple, practical philosophy. if he gets a freak like a warne or a warner get someone in who can manage them or straighten them out if he cant. or give them the ■■■■. Maybe Maxwell is the head on traitors corner he needed.

but youre right when you say who’d ■■■■■■■ know. who ■■■■■■■ knows if we continue to have a pethora of batting nuffys come through, who knows if someone polishes a ball with a brillo pad, who knows if langer shows his wanger while being a gang banger. who knows if he has a blueprint for a way out of this cultured mayonnaise of which you speak.

if you want Dudley doright in charge and it gets results fine its preferable, but seeing as there appears few coaches that have the experience available, were pretty stuck for ideas. I think hell be fine but if he gets hung its because hes got not much talent at his disposal rather than anything else.


stuff that.


Because without our Western Australian money, you might now be playing in an expanded WAFL.


So you’re a West Australian, … who supports Sydney FC,… and posts on a Victorian Clubs forum.

Identity crisis much?


No wonder he thinks Victoria is part of tassie


Diggers is really being stupid and ridiculous !!!


Unless he is also actually a Queenslander into the bargain, … :thinking:


I just assumed he was.


Can’t we just punt Diggers to the nearest inhabitable island and be done with it?


If you change “nearest” to “farthest” then that’s roughly how Australia was founded. So I don’t see why not.


Finally someone suggests getting rid of something unwanted (north, Gold Coast, cane toads etc) and doesn’t insist on tassie as a destination.
Thank you sir.


Identity crisis? Self-assured more like it.


You should me more concerned about Far Nth Qld, & I should know as I’ve lived in both places for a fair amount of time.
NT isn’t in the same postcode as FNQ, sure you might have an element of RWNJ (maybe 10%), but it would be more like 33% in FNQ.
The couple who lived across the road to us in Darwin was a mixed race couple who moved from Qld in the 1980’s, as they used to cop such a hard time from Qlders about a slope marrying a good Aussie chick - moved to the NT & there is so much mixed race marriages, itr doesn’t even register. And the gay culture is alive & well & encouraged in Darwin, here in Cairns it’s like a secret society. There are multiple other things like climate change denial & ignorance of the real state of the Barrier Reef, I could go on.
So just because there is a lot of hippies in places like Kuranda (who don’t vaccinate their kids FFS, don’t get me started on them) I think people need to realise that FNQ is no left wing paradise.


That was kind of my point-ish.
Although I do appreciate your post, and I apologise for not being clear.

Heard some frightening stories about Qld cops when I was young.


Loved Cairns when we visited a few years ago. On the surface it seemed pretty cosmopolitan, as much as it can be I suppose with everyone dressed in shorts, singlets and thongs. Plenty of different faces. Pacific Islanders seemed well represented. Same with indigenous faces. Lots of white locals as well of course. So many tanned Euro girls as well (such a highlight) but there also did seem to be a vibe about the place as well. I think the shine of ‘tourist’ Cairns can distract visitors from what goes on in suburban Cairns.

Having said all that, Port Douglas was so ace I would even put up with Living with P Hanson and P Hutton as next door neighbours.