I love Port Douglas but it is becoming just a little Noosa-y.
Just stop it, Port Douglas.
Stop it.
Nobody wants a Lorna Jane store.


It’s not that good.


All the things that can kill you in FNQ is a little concerning. And that’s without including the Palm Island Police.


Step 1: Let WA secede and form their own country.
Step 2: Invade new country.
Step 3: Institute the same resource deal that we did with Timor-Leste.
Step 4: Shhhhhhhh. Be quiet, ■■■■■■■.


That’s no good.

You know a quaint location is on the steady decent into blandsville when Dome or in this case, Lorna Jane opens up on the main street. Not long until San Churro turns up. It’s like watching social evolution in reverse.


The shopping mall in the CBD of Australian capital cities - basically all the same. You could list which shops you expect to find and they’ll be there.


But they only started complaining when the $$$ started flowing the other way. They also shot themselves in the foot over the mining tax, so it is not all as it seems on the surface. It’s like the last one in a shout and when it is their turn they want to leave.


We are buying a small place at Palm Cove.

It is FNQ without the Queenslanders, and the local surf club is more AFL than NRL. I could live there six months of the year, except it is footy season and it is a long to get to my seat at the G.


Most sterile, boring place in FNQ, you may as well be in a gated community.

Personally I like a mixture of demographics where I live, whether it be being humbugged on the street by the local indig “characters” or having a few near naked European back packers walking around in next too nothing, but Palm Cove is not my cup of tea at all. No litter, no beggars, no old cars, just middle class blandness in all directions - way too Noosa for my liking.

I would take Port Douglas every day of the week.


No litter, no beggars, no old cars

plus good restaurants, nice beach, good music, Surf Club, sunshine, relaxation.

Might suggest to the local chiefs up there to put gates on the roads coming in and keep out the Queenslanders.


Hope you don’t take your indig grandson from the NT there, he will feel very uncomfortable being the only blackfella in the village


I went to Atherton about 10 years ago. As soon as we entered the town in the hire car people in ten gallon hats were literally stopping in the street and staring.

It was like invasion of the body snatchers; you were waiting for the point and scream.

We went to get something to eat intending to eat in, but quickly decided take away was the safest option. The cafe was like something out of a Steven king mid west road house.

We got out of the cafe, and I swear we where there for two minutes, got back to the car and there where 3 leaflets under the wiper; one for the nationals, one for one nation, and one with a name I can’t recall but had a black eureka flag with black writing below. The theme was pretty obvious which made it a bit weird considering the colour.

Apologies for those who live in cairns but the experience was more scary - an aboriginal woman came into the chemist I was in slashed across the face and bleeding from what I only can assume was a stab wound in her side. She then said and I quote “can you help, I’ve been cut by another mob. I’m really sorry, but you white fellas shouldn’t have to see any of this”. She was more concerned she was making everyone else uncomfortable than about herself. If I wasn’t so shocked I would have cried.

I’m ashamed to be an Anglo Australian at times. In fact a lot of the time these days.


Think you have the wrong idea about Palm Cove. I have found it a very inclusive place, free from any prejudices.

In any case, my Grand-kids, have a very nice homeland in Arnhem Land


Have you ever gone to a pub, settled in, and then slowly noticed that you’re really out of place?
That this place is meant for other than the likes of you and the best idea would be to very quietly leave without upsetting the clientele?
Mrs Wim and I went to a pub like that at Port Douglas.

Not that I have anything against those sort of people, some very fine people, pensioners.


Port Douglas is far more preferable than cairns.
Sound like a snob don’t I.


I live in FNQ, I know exactly what this place is about. You just agreed with me about no beggars or backpackers, but then say it’s inclusive?

It’s a plastic, manufactured bubble like the Truman Show, but if that’s your cup of tea, good luck to you.



One day Mrs Wim and you will be in a place and think; fark ,the music is noisy, these children are creating havoc and it is just so crowded. Then you will pull out your Seniors Card, get your discount and pay the bill and leave.

That day will be with you before you know it.


Am I around the mark regarding cairns and Atherton or did I just choose a bad time to go on holiday


Huh !!

Palm Cove and many of the other places along the coast like Port Douglas, developed because of older people with money to spend on nice holidays. I have never seen a beggar or street person there, but they probably exist and back-packers are everywhere. Most stay in Cairns fo rhte cheaper accomodation and night-life; and some get to Port Douglas as well.

Name me a place in FNQ that is not “plastic, manufactured” ??? Every time I go to Cairns, there is a new high-rise hotel or apartments and another housing estate or another shopping centre/supermarket. And that Casino in Cairns, would be about the most multi-cultural place i have ever been.


Queenstown, Tasmania.

The one pub in town had a large circular bar (reminded me of the old MCC Bullring), front bar on one side and bistro on the other.

Was at the bar ordering drinks and enjoying Paul Kelly’s “To Her Door” when a flannelette mullet walking a bulging stomach locked eyes with me and asked “Ya like this music, do yiz”?

“Paul Kelly? Of course I do mate”.

“Ya damn fucken right you do, ■■■■”.

cheque please.