In an area that has bugger all secondary school facilities, these farkwits from Mareeba Council knocked back a $70m development, because of the Mussies & the concern they had about the local backlash.


Our Year 11 trip was to Tasmania. You can imagine the sort of hilariously inappropriate smartarse swagger year 11 boys had, nothing’s changed there.

Had a lovely time until we went to Queenstown, when the teachers took us aside and hissed, ‘alright you little ■■■■■, while we’re here you keep your heads down and your mouths shut and if you can’t then don’t expect us to come in and help you, got it?’


It’s a very, very different kind of place.


Ever been to Cooktown, Yarrabah or Gordonvale or a multitude of other places that don’t rely on tourism?

No, then stop pretending you know everything about FNQ after you have been up here half a dozen times one week at a time.

I visited Bacchus Marsh once or twice in my younger days & thought it was a shitthole, obviously that makes me an expert on that area


No Tablelanders generally are very red neck, Pauline Hanson has a strong following up there.

Cairns is a real mixture, 33% redneck, 10% loony left & the rest somewhere in the middle


Did you go to the footy oval


That ain’t sand


No. But I did go to the spot where the King (?) river changes colour completely:


The place is (literally) a hole.


Queen river, funnily enough. It gets better. About 50 kms downstream.

Apart from there it’s a great area. Strahans awesome in summer, backpackers the lot. it just takes three hours from anywhere to get there.

There’s even grass.


Strahan is the reason I was in Queenstown. I was there during peak season and accomodation in Strahan was the equivalent price to a luxury vehicle.


IIRC, Labor under Bob Hawke used to do alright in FNQ? It’s lurched hard to the right in a reasonably short space of time.


from South Western Australia to Far Northern Queensland

this thread gets around


I weep for my people. :cry:


Backpackers mate? Ie European female variety?


I was there on my honeymoon.

Should have gone the backpacker option, would have saved me a lot of time and a house.


Hopefully Australia secedes from Victoria and us Vics can go on with our own business as a proper country would.


Bit hard to sustain an entire economy on an export offering consisting entirely of latte and underbelly series.


Now come on! We have Vic Bitter and the footy. We exported both of those. What else does one need?


Build the wall! Build the wall!!