Some say that Geraldton isn’t the backside of the world but you sure can smell it from there.


That’s true. We have very strict rules governing eligibility.


I know why you’re doing this. Just so FRANKLIN! Can go onto Sydney’s international rookie B list and be paid outside the cap.

Very sneaky diggers.


Bugger. You’re onto us.


Birthplace of Paddy Ryder, so Fark 'em, damn JUDAS FACTORY.


Messages on hold


I think we are reaching peak stupid

Dumb people have tipped the ledger. Government has convinced us not to listen to smart people anymore and we are watching the plot of a Judd Apatow movie play out.

WA are just the first to jump ship. Not because the are smarter, but because it’s always the strangest least interesting character jumps first.


If we can separate North Queensland as well then we suddenly have a game played in 3 counties.

What happens to our passports though?


WA don’t have dragons, do they?


The first thing we should do once we’ve cut you bloodsuckers off from our GST teet is go back to using Burley footballs instead of those rotten Sherrin’s we’ve been forced to put up with since the early 1990’s.


Great! We don’t need to subsidise WA anymore - we’re gonna have more money!


Aren’t they basically round?


The Foreign Minister would be.


I assume Eskimo Joe have first dibs on writing the new anthem?


More or less. They’re very good for doing torpedo’s. And they’re called topedo punts, not that stupid spiral business that you weirdos like to call them over there.




Bet you we legislate to allow marriage between whoever the Hell wants to before you lot do.


WA, through popular demand, will vote for the “Bernardi Worst Case Scenario” laws.


I see your Sherrin / Burley combo and raise you a Ross Faulkner.

Ross. Now there’s a name you can trust.


Eastern South Africa.