Can we just sell WA to the Chinese?



New Holland


Maybe WA wouldn’t think British history was the only one that mattered?



New West Australia or NWA for short.
Motto: Express Yourself


So you’ll then change it to a symbol, then back to WA.

What happened to WA and the new revolution?


WA are clearly against New Power Generation.


Apt, given the whole state was basically just a correctional facility.



Then where will all the Victorians move to?


You know we won’t help when Indonesia invades, right?


Well… we’ll help the Indonesians.


So when is the wall going up to stop you guys from trying to escape back out to the East?

Getting it done before Trump, would make him envious! Am expecting a presidential visit, to admire our great wall.


Does that mean we can ■■■■ West Coast and Freo out of the AFL?


I’m for it if we can build a wall


Only if the west pay for it


Well he have sold Queensland and the GBR to India


If we demolish everything of worth in South Australia and use the rubble to build the wall… it still won’t be high enough.


That’s why we’re smarter than you Easterners and Westerners. If Australia falls to a foreign power, you know they’ll just invade from the sides, get to the next inland border, look forward and say “Yeah, that’s that then”.

Oh, how we will laugh while stockpiling our uranium.


Blitz most under-rated post of the last decade.

Go back and give it a like you flogs.