We could call it the 'Commonwealth of United New Territories" or C.U.N.T. for short.


Waaaaaaaaastern Australia


Learn how to pronounce Derby correctly first!


We’ve had the pronunciation of Derby worked out for ages over here. You on the other hand… Where’s the ‘a’? No ‘a’, then it’s Derby’.


Pffft. Good riddance.

Enjoy your perfect weather, beautiful beaches and abundant natural resources.

… wait


What are we waxing? It’s a bit general.


Yeh WA should nick off for sure.


Went and tracked down where this all came about (this time).

It was an idea put forward at a WA Young Liberals conference.

I’ve met young libs, and I’ve met people from WA. Can’t imagine what they’re like combined.


Jesus, its actually happened before!

In 1933, 68 per cent of Western Australians voted in a referendum to self-govern, butthe bid was overruled by the Commonwealth.

This time around we need to make one of those giant hill side figures (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hill_figure) Saying “I’m with stupid” and a giant hand pointing west.


Mind you, if there was some way of getting all the Young Libs to secede, I’d THOROUGHLY support it.


Well they all want out, there’s a bunch of people on Manus Island who want in…


So Oz would have it’s own Western “Wailing” wall eh??

“Let me in!!” “Let me back East!” “Pleeeeeze, … waaaaa…”’

Sorry …


Now this is plebisite worthy


I make fun of my WA friends for living circa 1985. Seems I was 52 years off.


We’re sure gonna miss Basil Zempilas.


W.A. You can keep your casual racist baby boomers who done good from the last mining boom, yer lairy cashed up bogans in Northbridge and yer Chesson balloons.


What kind of backwards-arsed place asks its citizens what they think of an issue when the government is under no obligation to actually implement their express wishes in parliament.

Thank Fark we’ve matured as a nation since 1933.


P.S. I believe the “over-ruled” bit above is shorthand for “it didn’t get a majority in a majority of states”.

But I accept your snark re: the current wastage of $122 million.


Goats will be looking to move east



“Do you want WA to f*ck right off out of the Commonwealth of Australia?”

Yes or Yes?