Yes. As long as we can take Eucla in as steak knives, youse lot can have the rest of the state.


Are you Eastern flogs going to be able to take a break from sniffing your own farts to actually cast a yes vote?


Would this make Woosha an illegal immigrant?


I know there is a strong argument against this, but I reckon we should give WA one more chance before we cut them loose.


Someone get him a 457


He’ll be the strongest advocate for the “no changes” campaign.


Instead of a rabbit-proof fence, a farking big ditch full of crocodiles to keep all the ferals in the west.


W T F is going on? News travels so slow here I don’t even know what’s happening. Then again the only reason I’m watching tv or on the internet ATM is for footy. I better read up what’s happening I guess

Ah fk it, another beer and surf blitz some more. There’s always tomorrow


Hmmm…spent the first 28 years of my life living in Melbourne…and then the last 29 here in Perth.

You have to have lived in both places to actually understand how farking dumb some of the locals are here in WA.

Just plain farking dumb


Or maybe just how intelligent us Victorians are !


We thank you for your noble sacrifice in raising the average IQ of both states.


I am determined to be the one who comes up with the new name and fancy acronym. A few more suggestions:

Former Australian Territory of Western Australia
West Australian Nonpartisan Kindgom of Erudite Residents
Western Territory of Australia Federation


Commonwealth Under Northern Territory


Hopefully the WA national anthem will be on the same level as the eagles club song


So it’s really a plot by the AFL?


I just assume everything is.


You c*nts still here? Fark off already.


George, as an army man, can you give a status update on our plans to immediately invade and annex the territories immediately to the West of Australia?

I asssume there is a well entrenched strategy for subjugation of geopolitical threats from rogue states in our region?


I don’t think we want to take on WA in a fight.
Personally I’d be quite happy to give them up to the 135th meridian.
And, of course, Queensland.
Some sort of Alaska type deal there.
I wonder what they’d pay for it.