Or is that Kuranda?


We’ve been to Kuranda. Took the quaint train up the hill. Blew way too much on hippie trinkets and then shat bricks on the glass bottomed cable-car on the way back down. The butterfly sanctuary was pretty cool and enjoyed a German sausage. A fun day all round.


And now Bacchus wants to bulldoze it?


Karumba is the place on the Gulf of Carpentaria, but Kuranda which is just above Cairns.

I also shat bricks on that cable car !


Ssssshhhhhh they actually aren’t, we just let you think they are.


But aren’t they? Or are they but you think they’re not because thinking they are confused people in to thinking they might not be?



What about Carrumbin Sanctuary? I didn’t ■■■■ bricks but projectile vomited my brains out on a bus window. This was 20 years ago, and not relevant, but has a similar sounding name.


Too much bundy and coke, huh !


Ooh I wanna take you to Karumba, Karanda

Come on pretty mama.


do you mean Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast?


So how are things progressing with this?
I’m still keen.


If it permanently removes the Marsh brothers from the Test team then I say go for it!


Langer, too.
East Australia becomes a better team than Australia overnight.


You can have J Langer now.


Would WA keep the AUD?
I guess not.
It would make things interesting.
Would the two countries dollar value be more separately than they are combined?


Would the arse) fall out of the East Aussie peso without WA’s resources to prop it up?

With billions of dollars in resources sales spread over less than 2 million people, the WAD should be good. If the WA pollies were any good, they should be able to manage the surplus through periods when commodities are weak. However, that is too big an “if”.


You have to have seperate currencies or you end up with European debt problems. Greece was hamstrung by not being able to inflate their currency to deal with debt repayments.

By having two currencies they both would be more volatile. FX moves mainly of both interest rates and exports.

One of the great stabilising forces for Australia in the last few decades has been the mining and normal economy as they move in different cycles. Mining may boom while the east coast is flat and lately the east coast construction boom has balanced the issues in the west.

A pure West Australian currency would swing all over the place based off commodity exports it would be a nightmare for them. Sometimes it would be stronger than the east but during commodity weakness it would tank.


The AFL would finally become an international competition.


The wall will be expensive.


Those who want Myers deported would finally get their wish.

We’ve only got 2 left now, haven’t we? Now that Trav and Leuey have gone.