Hooker is another one. And Guelfi.


Honorary Victorian when he turns down offers to go back.


Can they take Queensland with them?

Then they can just use lumps of coal as their currency.


Well Hanson is a fossil, would she be worth much?


I originally thought some sort of Alaska arrangement re: Queensland would be best, but why not just throw in the NT as well?
Suddenly makes South Eastern Australia a whole lot more manageable.

Edit: And then, of course, we invade New Zealand with a hundred men and a pointy stick.


We could be an example to the US by doing it peacefully!
Ah, it’s fun to pretend.


Would we want to do that to poor old NT though?

I’m all for invading New Zealand though

actually I’d prefer they invade us tbh.


They don’t have a pointy stick.

I do confess to worrying about NT in a rabid right wing country.


No need to invade NZ…just put barbed wire around Bondi and the Gold Coast…that’s got to be three-quarters of their citizenship.


We could use most of their top order batsmen at the moment to be honest. And I won’t even start about rugby.


When it comes to union, we would need a quota for aussie representation.


Why would we deliberately make the term worse?




We’ve been doing exactly that for ages.


If Australia had Warne Gilchrist Ponting McGrath et al and so forth you could put a tap dancing Guinea pig in charge and it wouldn’t matter. Pointless having a coach during that era.
Bobby Simpson’s the only figure that’s made a difference and he was stuck in when we where a basket case that needed a rocket. Dean jones was a nob and he flicked him irrespective of how good he was.
History’s repeating and langers the @rsehole that’s going to shoot tossers like maxwell and warner and onice he gets some cattle back start winning fricken games again.
Don’t get the angst against him. He’s been in charge for 3 months.
It doesn’t help that there’s no batting talent around either.
Won’t everyone leave JL alone.


Shane Warne never would have been selected if the ‘no dickheads’ policy was in force


I couldn’t disagree with this any less.

Buchanan was a great coach. He improved the couple of things that could be improved, and kept out of the way the rest of the time. Which turned Aus from a good batting and bowling side into a great batting, bowling and fielding side.

Our problem is every coach we’ve had since has gone all-out to try and put a huge stamp on the team, when they barely know what the best XI looks like.


He would be the exception.
And Steve Waugh pulled the trigger eventually anyway.


You could argue Buchanan’s biggest job was managing all the different and conflicting personalities in the team.

He didn’t have to do much coaching due to the talent on the list but stressing the importance of fielding was also partly thanks to him.


Buchanan was an over technical data muncher who sounds like he was pretty much ignored for his entire tenure. You would only know if he was any good if you put him in charge of complete rabble, and if he was in charge at present he would go down as Australia’s worst.
Langers been in charge for the blink of an eye. There’s no way he’s going to know who the best 11 is.