We Are The Worst

Apart from Gold Coast.
That is the only exception.

This is an intervention.
And this needs to be our starting point.
Apart from Gold Coast, we are the Worst. Club. In. The. League.

This is the point that we need to progress from, but first we need to accept that that’s where we are.

We don’t get to look down our noses at St Kilda anymore, we are St Kilda.
We should be focusing on trying to do better than St Kilda.
‘cos over the last twenty years…we haven’t.
Done better than St Kilda.
Or anyone.
Apart from Gold Coast.
Name any other team in the league, we’ve done worse than them.

We act like this is a blip.
It’s a twenty year long blip.

Every decision we’ve made over the last twenty years has been wrong.

So let’s stop pretending we’re a behemoth waiting to rise.
We’re not.
The Only thing that is first class about this club…
The ONLY thing…is it’s support.


Have you been drinking again?


I applaud you for making this thread. You will cop it from others but every single thing you said is 100% correct

BTW this should be the new lid on thread, perfect title for it too


I accepted it a decade ago.

It can turn quickly, but I don’t think we have the players and coaching staff to believe we’re closer to a premiership than our next rebuild.

Whenever we’re ready to rebuild, hopefully we do it properly by trading for draft picks and gathering assets through the draft.


All this talk about 3-0.
What the hell makes us think we won’t be 0-3?
In what respect are we a more prepared team than any of our first three opponents?


We sure do suck. I think there’s cause for optimism this year. But Essendon being Essendon, we’re sure to find a way to fark it up.

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I think we can be good.
But not until we accept that we suck.


We will know what we are in for this year based off of how we perform in the JLT. It will say a huge amount


We’ve been ■■■■ for 15 years why would happy clappers suddenly accept it now.


I was just about to post the exact same thing!

If we haven’t learnt to treat the JLT seriously after our rubbish starts the last few seasons, we are screwed

This group of players have been given everything needed to succeed, it’s up to them To actually put in the effort required to succeed


Honestly I think we are too good to suck. As in we may scrape into 8th or just miss the eight with some good late form. Thus the club won’t do much and we will be all back here in 12 months saying the same thing. The club will go hard on its transition and learnings.


Not quite. Essendon are great at running a business, on the back of highly profitable commercial partners, a dodgy relationship with the pokies and wealthy types with deep pockets but yeah, boy they suck big time at the “core business” of winning premierships. Aside from that perennial basket case who still haven’t found their footballing “soul”, Essendon have been nothing short of pathetic. Their claims at being the one of the biggest is statistically correct but they’re a bunch of delusional wannabes that have consistently let their passionate and loyal supporters down for a very long time now. 20 years and counting with no real progress likely on the horizon… just more bland hype and false bravado. Who knows what it will take to turn this club around?


So being near the worst, as in the Gold Coast, the only diection we can go is up.

Wtf is this crap


God damn there’s a lot of negativity around this year!!!
Rather than jump the gun early I choose to back the team in rather kick them at least until Anzac Day.


We are the worst… I thought the title might of provided an explanation


No, it really isn’t


Took Richmond 30 years to stop being ■■■■ I fear it could be longer for us


Happy to answer.
I feel like…just everyone… thinks we’re better than we are.
And I think that hurts us.
A lot.

And I feel like the moment Everyone accepts that’s we’re the 17th best team in the AFL Is the moment that we improve.

Yeah this hasn’t been discussed as nauseum in almost every thread already.