We don’t take risks, and it continues to hurt us

I’ll start this by saying I like Snelling, he’s a goer, I think he’ll play 50-80 games for us, but what could have been.

Then he broke his finger. We had two lists spots so we still could have banked him but opted to keep the other spot open for McNeice, who is now not on the list 4 months later.

We always take the safe road.

It’s why we don’t win


Whose spot does he take in our team?
Serious question.
He was playing in the middle today and they were feeding it out to him. Not on a wing. I don’t think he’d make that big a difference because of the type of players we have in the middle.

Would have been nice to take the gamble.

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I think we don’t win because our structures and game style are rubbish.


Im talking about over time. We also execute our structures poorly


Only time we’ve had any semblance of a structure was during Hird’s tenure, with his defence first mentality.

Still believe had the saga never occurred, he’d have eventually reached the heights of Dimma & Bucks as far as coaching success wise


I don’t, he had the same short coming as Woosha and Knights, he saw a game style for us that didn’t fit the players we had, he wanted to play this grind out stoppage style with a list that wasn’t big enough to pull it off, and well, we know how we tried to overcome that…


Yep. If Rutten and Caracella can implement proper structures we could win a final.

I agree. He was on the right path.
But when he came back from his break, he wasn’t the same. That was never going to work.
Joh is biding his time.
Hopefully Rutten is the guy.

Hird’s style was a bit like Ross Lyons when he was at St. Kilda, was it not?

Measured approach with high possession counts. The whole if we have it, they don’t.

We give list cloggers a free ride and have done so for years, no disagreements from my end. How many years did Jerrett get? 2-3 too many for mine. McNiece, Dea and Long should have been delisted ages ago. There’s countless examples. Instead of taking huge upside risks like Pickett we go for silly project skinny rake projects like Steinberg, Houlihan and Morgan.

Game style, structure and basic skills and smarts under pressure are all more pressing concerns tho for mine. We have enough talent on our list that we should be winning finals and whilst Pickett would have been nice he’d have been useless on our list.


Richmond totally became the best team of the last 3 years because they drafted Pickett in June :rofl::laughing::rofl::laughing::rofl:


It was

His idea was essentially to implement a game style conducive to winning finals football

Back to the main topic though, it was stated in a one of the threads, we unfortunately didn’t have the luxury as Richmond did to gamble on a Pickett during the mid season draft because we needed a ready made like for like replacement for Devon at the time.

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He’s symbolic of the risks they take that we dont


Woosha strikes me as being totally risk adverse, especially in his game day coaching. Looks like that same philosophy has now carried over to our recruitingSnelling was a safe pick. Going forward the club needs to be bolder at draft time. Perhaps the club will become more adventurous once Woosha departs.


You’re forgetting we did, we had a vacant list spot. We took 2 open slots to the mid season draft

Easy to take a risk when you are in the top 2.

We’ve taken a risk with Gown and Jok. See how we go




I’m talking about taking a risk with a guy who broke his finger the weekend before the mid season draft. We were clearly into him beforehand.

Agree completely on this point that their ladder position made it easy. However its still no excuse for us to play safe. Clearly playing safe isn’t getting us what we need - I am talking about a premiership more so than a finals win.

It’s the bold bit that is the issue. Not making the correct call/assessment of a player you have had on your list is what hurts more. Agree with @Crazy_Bomber that we hang on to some players too long in the hope they’ll becoming something they are not. Hoping that one or two good games or one or two good quarters they showed will become a regular thing, but it never happens.