We saw him first!





Daniel Flynn played two NAB Cup Games for Power. He looks a VERY likely prospect. A tall defender type with good speed, hardness and decent skills.

Didn't he go back to Ireland for family/personal reasons? Apparently is keen to get back now.
I believe so. He is a decent prospect.
And we need tall defenders before anything else because?
Because we've got a 42 year old in the side, and our only options in reserve are broken undersized bloke, a slow undersized bloke and a stick insect?
Why do people want us to build a Carlton list?


I really don't think the need for tall defenders curently outweighs that for tall forwards and rucks on our needs list myself is all. For me they are a bit down the absolute priorities list.

Depends where they see various guys settling, though. If Carlisle is definitely forward, we need a back and a ruck. If they’re not sure, then it’s a forward first. Either way we need to be looking at talls, apparently not a bad crop of big guys coming up.

(re Daniel Flynn)


The Port Adelaide listed Irishman is due back with the Alberton side in coming weeks after dealing with the tragic passing of his terminally ill grandfather soon after he left Australia. 


Had been in constant contact with Port Adelaide and is set to return in the coming weeks. 

Good prospect if he was 30 cm taller