We should apply for a priority draft pick

Last finals win:
2004: Essendon
2009: Brisbane
2010: St Kilda
2012: Collingwood
2013: Carlton
2014: Port Adel
2015: Fremantle, Hawthorn, NorthMelb
2016: WBulldogs
2017: Adelaide, Sydney, WestCoast, GWS, Geelong
2018: Melbourne, Richmond
Never won a final: Gold Coast

I believe this is more than good enough reason. This is actually incredible effort of sustained period of shiteness.


I can’t even fathom how lid off I will be once we jag a finals win.



Which shitbox side did Essendon beat in the 04 finals?

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Hope this is rhetorical…

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A long time ago, but wasn’t it Freo?

We should get our 2 picks back for the whole 2013 bullshit.


Our last finals win was over Melbourne, we won by 5 points in an elimination final.


Have a look at those names, cupido, haynes, bullen, matt allen and justin Murphy… we’ve had better teams since then amazing to think they played our last win

what a ■■■■ team we are

And yet…

…like piggys we wallow in the shittedness.

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I see it was 2003 I was thinking of against Freo.
That was a good win.

Then we got ■■■■■■ over by Port, as was the tradition at the time.

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Not surprised you don’t know

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2004, Melbourne.

You’re sounding a little gloomer.
It’s disturbing.
Stop it.

No wonder I’ve become a very bitter AFL supporter (not Essendon), but seriously to have not seen or been a part of a finals win in 14 years is an absolute disgrace.
No wonder I’m struggling to watch finals games for other clubs these days!
Things better change soon.


It’s like discovering Daddy’s a cross-dresser, isn’t it?
Maybe not.
Carry on…

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Perhaps not that bad…


The older I get…the more I feel that PREMIERSHIPS are the only thing that matters.

Every other award/record is a consolation prize for losers. Especially all the individual awards.

What makes me angry is if priority picks are doled out to the underperforming, getting them closer to a slingshot premiership, than a team that is battling away but just hovering mid-ladder (AFL think: “They’re fine, they are close enough to the 8 to give their fans hope, so they will keep watching the competition. Let’s go for another long lunch, marketing team!”).


I remember the Melb final in 2004, Was it Whelan who hits Hird off the ball and then Travis Johnston kicks a ripping goal?