We should apply for a priority draft pick

As a matter of interest - do you apply that philosophy to other things in your life - or ‘life’ in general?

I know this is on our minds, the media pointed it out no doubt people at the club are stronly aware, but do you think it’s on the radar for the players?

I mean, if we make finals next year are SSS suddenly going to go to water because we haven’t won a final since 2004? Are our kids who really only had one experience (v Sydney) going to feel the weight of history?

I reckon if we get there it’ll be like Melbourne last night, they’ll be hungry for it, especially knowing they were good enough this year

We need to trade all our senior players first, then we can apply for a priority pick.

Isn’t that how Carlton did it?


I thought your kids coped admirably.


Sure why not

Yes, each day I’m striving for elite level performance…at being cynical.

No we dont. We keep saying we are going to be fantastic next year.

Do you?
Haven’t heard you say that yet, I may have missed it.

I said it for about the first ten years post 2000, I’ve sort of given up now.

Yeah, I thought so.
So as I said…piggys, wallowing, etc…

She was right between one and three times out of ten…

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Regardless of what I do it seems the general consensus on blitz is we are going to be fantastic next year.

I’m sure I’ve never said that wallowing piggies (corrected - I do thinks it’s ‘piggies’) are wrong - have I?
Piggies can wallow and be right. I like piggies. Especially wallowing ones. They are very wallowey.

I disagree. This thread is a point-in-case.
Think about it.
Even the more delusional of pessimists would not seriously think we are a candidate for a priority pick.
I reckon.
So in that case, the sole purpose of this thread is to have another vehicle of misery.
Which is fine, if that’s your thing.
My thing, is spoiling that misery.
I enjoy doing that.
It’s the devil in me.
And I’m beginning to write more like Wimm, I’ve noticed.
Short, sharp haiku-flavoured sentences.


I’m really not sure what the point of this thread is.
Just freestylin’.

Freestylin’s the best kind of stylin’.

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Obviously I have got it all wrong. I thought the purporse of threads like this was so people like me can have a laugh to relieve my boredom.
And I must confess I like the short sharp haiku-flavoured sentences.
And lastly maybe we should have a priority pick just for being… you know… drugged or something…


Writing like Wim is fun.
It’s really fun.
I mean some people might think it’s not fun, and I guess that’s ok.
But i mean really, to honestly think that’s it’s not fun to write like this? Honestly?
I just don’t get it.

Edit: Fark Worsfold


You may think you’re being clever.
I don’t know.
I mean - I really really don’t know.

But you may also not be so clever.

fark Worsfold.


Yeah…there isn’t even any puns.