We won a milestone game! Lions review thread


Loved redmans game, fark L hodge. Stringer continues to impress


Any win’s a good win.
Love what we did to their two playmakers.


Eat a bag you mongrel piece of ■■■■■ grub football club


Easily saads best game too


Get a farking goal kicking coach


Fabulous game from Redman


gagf brisbane


9 tackles to Stringer and looked dangerous.
Redman and Guelfi both looked very good.


Take the win, especially with Hepp going down.

Guelfi and Redman great games

Saads best game for the club

Strigner continues to build

Browny!! important role played, and geez he does it strange


Whale Oil Beef Hooked

David Myers a very strong contributer

Loving Stringers recent impact. Would have just about been our best vs Tigers and again today

Redman was superb also, slotted in beautifully

On a negative. We need to sort our fwd line out. Cannot have such inside 50 dominance and not capitalise. Poor entries. Poor leading patterns/others getting in way. Lack of marks. Missed set shots. You name it we stuffed it up!


I’ll take the win. Was expecting the worst.

Bank the points and move on.


Stringer is building. Lifting his output as far as disposals from what he even did at the Dogs.


After bloodnut ■■■■ eating grin Merrett getting away with murder a few years ago clocking all our guys, their comeback win, 2001 and their Melbourne based fans tending to have a bit of a chip on their shoulder about us. CRY ME A ■■■■■■■ RIVER Brisbane. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


We won a milestone game.
How good is that!!! ???


Myers 28 disposals - Langford 18

I think Langford is the future, but if you dropped one after that its not myers. Langford needs to have games that make him undroppable.


we won a milestone game.


that umpire that didn’t pay the throw against rich but then payed it immediately against saad can gagf too



I base this on not watching the game because i was on franga watch.


How was Franga?


Comfortable win, led all day, never in doubt.