We won a milestone game! Lions review thread


He looks so much like a young Goddard in his face


Well yes, of course there has.

Maybe we should rephrase the question:

"has there ever been another player in the history of aussie rules that looks more like an actual lead in an Edwardian romantic play?


What time is the replay on, on Foxtel?


5.30 am


What time is the Edwardian romantic play on?


He hit some amazing passes by foot today.


They were legit squealing about it.


We won. And now let’s never speak of it again.


So glad to have Harris Andrews in our team. Gives us somebody to kick to in our forward line.


Give it a rest. He had a good game.


Looking forward to the anual ■■■■ show in Perth where we go down by 50+ points and to rub salt into the wound cop a reaming from the umps.


We are Essendon

We are Essendon!


4 repeats of the Bounce and Beep Test first.


Finished watching the game a little while ago, had a function on today.

It was like a bad day at the office, but you know you just have to get the job done and we did.


That was Redman.


Do you ever see Myers producing that kind of game consistently?

He was rubbish for the first quarter and a half, and pretty good after that today imo

I place him in the same boat as Goddard. They are capable of good games (bj, way more) but I’d have both currently as depth only and getting games into younger players with higher ceilings


Except that I’m sure BJ provides a hell of a lot more on field leadership than Myers.


this is something i will never understand.

I get experience and leadership and all that. but after the season we’ve had so far, what actual quantifiable proof is there, that leadership without being able to lead the way by your actions, proves anything ?

if you believe the coaches, the players aren’t sticking to the way they want them to play right ?
goddard has played every game.

earlier in the season yet again he was essentially labelled as just a grumpy old fart who over reacts to players not doing what they are suppose to, when he sorta gives them a spray.

This isn’t a go at goddard, it’s about the myth that players should be played or that because of leadership and or experience.
esp if players aren’t listening to coaches, why would they listen to players out on the ground ?


I can go back to the RAdelaide game for on field leadership from him.

But not going to games, I don’t see much of what happens off the ball or between ad breaks.

So I won’t comment on that. Merely what I can see on TV.


no doubt he tells players where to set up and all that, that’s not the point i was trying to make.

but in theory you could get anyone to do that. they don’t need to have the tag leadership or experience to do that.

players should know where they are suppose to be and how to set up though, well that’s the mantra that worsfold seems to keep running with.