We won a milestone game! Lions review thread


I don’t think it’s impossible if he stays injury free, . and I think Hepp going out might have been a blessing in disguise as far as he’s concerned, … he had to step up, and he did, … which IIRC, he did similarly when Jobe went out with the hip a few years back, … (his best year was it … :thinking:?) he seems to flourish with responsibility, … when he;s “the” guy that simply has to.

Awaiting the replay to make a better judgement on the rest, … but it’s pretty hard to fault his game today based on his figures, … 29 (or 28??) disposals, which is equal top for the day or 1 off it, … led 1% ers, led Clearances, Led Ins 50’s, Led CP’s, … 4 marks.

I’d love to see him stay thereabouts and improve, … and there’s still a lot of Hockingesque stuff he does off the ball that regularly goes unnoticed when he’s playing the 2nd Banana role too IMO.

About to turn 29, … so if he stays uninjured, there’s every chance he could produce his best ever footy over the next 18 months, … and it’d be fkn wonderful if he did.


Redman was impressive. Guelfi again too with only limited touches but reads the game well, gets to the right spots and goes when he has to. Like his development very much and feel he’s got more to offer too. Bargain pick by jackets & co. Stringer terrific. Saad & Smith also good. Brown played a good role up forward too. Hurley played much more accountable and looked better IMO. Skipper was having an impact before the incident. Wasn’t many weak links TBH, although drop off in clearance numbers post Heppell injury is a concern but probably expected when a prime mover is taken out of the game.

Can’t understand the fuss over Myers game. Serviceable at best IMO, still same old deficiencies, panic long ball, turning circle of a cruise ship & slow as treacle decision making. Don’t think the criticism of him is those kind of games TBH, it’s the rubbish that’ll follow for the next month.

Lots to like from the younger brigade. Redman looked comfortable at the level bar for some turnovers going forward. Obviously McGrath will be good, ZMerrett is already AA quality, SSS, Joe, Francis, Langford, Guelfi, Ridley have all shown enough in recent times to suggest they’ll carry this team forward in the years ahead. Would love to know what sort of time we put into goal kicking. Cost us a game against Carlton (10.18 that day) and May cost us an opportunity to play finals.

Interstate win against a bottom side hasn’t exactly been our strength recently so to tick that box and move on would be nice. Big next 3 games ahead. Would be happy to minimise the damage in Perth & beat the other two has us right in the mix again.


We are dealing with footballers though… :wink:

In the end, someone having the calm head when required is a skill/trait not all will have when in the gun.


Hocking played a LOT more too end footy than Myers ever has, I don’t really see that comparison. Hocking was a very solid player for quite some time

As for Dave, I think it’s really, really optimistic to think he can produce today’s game over and over again. Even when he has been fit this year, he has produced nowhere near what he did today. I mean look, I’d love nothing more than Myers to re produce today over and over. But it’s unrealistic. He does not have the body to play another 18 months of injury free footy. I don’t think his body is suddenly going to become reliable 11 years later.

Put simply, he does not have the body to re produce that kind of performance week in, week out. In fact, I’d be absolutely stunned if he doesn’t get injured for the rest of the season.


Question who impacted the game more Myers vs Langford.

Langford clearly ( dont get caught up in 29 disposals)


Yep, … tis the key to his fortunes, … and any chance of it happening.


I’ll be a fan of dave myer when he spears am inside 50 in to advantage on his non preferred .

Hes more one sided than michael hibberd.


Now if we could get it in WA that would be awesome


No he isn’t. Wouldn’t be playing if so. Maybe he’s just a flash in the pan or just out of form


Think about putting some of them forward. The backs have shown that they work a hell of a lot harder than our current forwards, Bags excluded and he was a permanent back until a month ago.
All those blokes you mentioned have plenty of ability and have shown a great work ethic unlike our generally shambolic forward line. They’re talented players and could easily adapt. At least that’s what Sheeds would do.


Roger Merrett’s first season and a half. Diabolical. Then one day, a powerhouse for the rest of his career.
Don’t think Brown will ever be that though


Not sure how you can be overdue watching our team. They are labour inducing.


We have an ugly win, on the road, and we have won 3 out of the last 4, then the first thing some people want to talk about is, “OH yeah but Myers is rubbish, Oh yeah he cant play that good all the time and Oh yeah how bad is Brown, Oh Yeah how good was Langford’s hairdo today, I told you he was good?”

Good Old blitz


I[quote=“Tezza_the_King, post:216, topic:13262, full:true”]
We have an ugly win, on the road, and we have won 3 out of the last 4, then the first thing some people want to talk about is, “OH yeah but Myers is rubbish, Oh yeah he cant play that good all the time and Oh yeah how bad is Brown, Oh Yeah how good was Langford’s hairdo today, I told you he was good?”

Good Old blitz

Umpiring, commentating was ■■■■ and lol north melbourne…


Hopefully if said slat is sanded extremely smooth than maybe that reaming won’t hurt so much :wink::wink:


Enough. You’re embarrassing yourself now.


Yes Kontested possessions.

Fkn h8rs.


Just watching the replay, and got to Hepps hit, … and when you frame by frame it, it’s actually pretty clear Hodge takes his eyes off the ball, (is why he drops it) and has eyes only for Dys, then buckles and raises the shoulder to take him in the face, … it happens so quick in real time he’ll probably get off, … but he shouldn’t.

Clearly deliberately went the skippers head.


Yeah it was a really cleverly disguised snipe but it was, definitely goes off the line of the ball at the last second, and knows Hepp is not ready to protect himself

what a ■■■■■■■ cheating coward piece of ■■■■ hodge is, so glad we still beat them


I watched it again too and thought the same. To me it come across as he would of only created a ball up so he changed his mind to create a physical presence. Don’t think anything will come from it.