We won a milestone game! Lions review thread


Wouldn’t have any issue with it if he cleaned him up straight down the breastbone in a classic shirtfront, … it’s the calculated shoulder lift to target the face he should go for.


Mick Nolan?


Really? The way I saw it was fumble, look up, see Dys, brace…all in about 1.3 seconds.


We must have watched a different collision. Arm lifted after the hit, which it will do almost every time after an impact like that.


But if he didn’t lift it would have been a whiplash head contact that lead to both being knocked out. Only way Heppell doesn’t get concussed is if hodge holds on to the footy or Heppell chose to bump. The bump wasn’t the best choice though.


Do we start talking about the West Coast game yet?

We’d be the only visiting side in Perth this year who isn’t playing their first game at Perth Stadium, and we have West Coast coming off a six break from a game on the other side of the country while we have 10 days off.

We’ve won three of the last four losing only to Richmond at the G, which is arguably a tougher assignment than West Coast in Perth.

We’re playing alright and won’t get a better opportunity than this against West Coast. Load up Woosha and get one up on your old mob.


And does Sydney airport still have a curfew? If so there will be no red eye for West Coast and a flight across the Nullarbor on Saturday giving slim recovery and turnaround time before Thursday.


Yep. 11pm or so, their game’s at 7:50, so they’d be staying I imagine.

I think little planes can still operate, but I don’t think they’d charter a flight???


Saw big Roger at the game yesterday. He was with a large family contingent (all clearly supporting EFC, which was wonderful to see!). Looks in great condition compared to where he was about 6 years ago during what I understand to be some challenging health battles for him. I took a photo with him in 2012 when EFC were up on the Gold Coast for that now infamous (Shane Charters) training camp and Rog had dropped by for the open training session. Took a photo with him and my kids after the game yesterday… He was lovely with my kids and it was so pleasing to compare the two pics and see how how much healthier he now looks! Had 25 on my jersey for quite a while as a kid in the mid 80s! Long live Roger Merrett!


And what was the deal with the umpire at the end who stuffed up the review? Was he hyper embarassed or what?


Was bizarre. Called it touched, which was a pretty good call (probably guessed) then offered it for review, and they got it wrong.

I’d be massively ■■■■■■ it that was us.


Enjoy the win.
We have WC away,Nth then Pies,potentially without Smith.

Enjoy the WIN


Any other passage of play and the umpires call stands in regard to touched off the boot, so strange that it was reviewed.


I heard it discussed on the radio today - apparently, any time an umpire thinks a shot through the goals has been touched off the boot, it is referred up to be reviewed. It’s some kind of standard umpiring procedure.


But is the onus of proof reversed?


I don’t believe so.

The video umpire just had a howler.

To my eyes, you couldn’t see the ball in contact with the fingers, but you could see the fingers change position greatly from one frame to the next. It could have been ruled as touched by the video umpire, or at worst ‘umpire’s call’, which would also have meant touched (as I don’t believe onus of proof had changed).

I imagine the field umpire was running back to the centre thinking “I followed procedure and referred it up…I really thought it was touched though…but maybe the hand only touched the boot…but wait, why does Stringer have that goofy expression on his face?”.


Is that the first time we’ve got the benefit of one of those.

I remember when reviews came in, the first 9 or 10 went against us(most of them correctly).


‘Cause Stringer.


It HAS happened to us before.

The occasion I recall was shortly after the video review system was brought in. We clearly kicked a goal, and it was called as such by the goal umpire.

Maggot said it wasn’t. Called for review.

Review CLEARLY showed there was nothing to suggest it wasn’t a goal. For those having problems dealing with double negatives, the review showed it was a goal.

Maggot called it a behind despite everything - over-ruled goal umpire and video evidence.

Commentators ignored this and talked about crap.

Gill and his corrupt mates did nothing. Except maybe had another sip of chardonnay at our expense.


Ask Guelfi. He was listening closely to Goddard as they walked off after after the game. Good to see all that experience being passed on.