We won a milestone game! Lions review thread


We’re playing absolutely ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ and the side who’s won 1 game for the year should have beaten us if not for inaccuracy in front of goal. But I like your optimism.


West coast are gonna fkg pump us


It was good to win. Always is. When you consider the team that played Sunday against the best 22 squads being touted at the start of the season you have to shake your head at the rate of change. Was pleased to see all three imports in the best.
I’m a bit concerned about our forward line and the delivery into it. 10 marks from 65 entries is poor. Not to mention the conversion rate.


Obviously you’re going to the game… :laughing:


No way were the Lions to win that. Our own inaccuracy kept them in the game. Our set shots were woeful in the third Q. We should have nailed about another 4 goals and won a by much healthier margin.


We had plenty of opportunity to kick 15 goals which would be league avg I believe per inside 50. I think if we got to 6-7 goal lead by halftime or somewhere through the third we should of put nail in the coffin and kicked 20. We had the opportunities but I don’t think there’s enough class to kick a big score.
Without Daniher I think we need to get Hooker back in the forward line and have more dangerous players rotating forward. Merrett, Fantasia, Smith, Heppell, McKenna should be spending way more time deep forward.
We definitely need another mid or ours to step up but we really need another high class small forward if Fantasia remains to play higher up the ground.


I hope we get a win for you (and me).


We are not entirely without a chance.


Too right, we are a great team when we execute our skills well. We did it vs Geelong but not Richmond. Can’t wait for the next game.


WCE in Perth is the toughest assignment in footy atm.
They probably win and win well, but it’ll be interesting how well we stand up, and how long we’re in the game.


Free kicks will be 4-27


24 shots to 22 says you are wrong.


You’re very positive today.


I don’t know if our horrible wastefulness results in a positive or negative feeling.

We did more than enough -despite playing relatively poorly- to win that game by 8 goals.

Brisbane aren’t a horrible team either, certainly not a classic one-win basket case.

Take the win gleefully and put some time into sorting out a recurring theme of squandering inside-50’s.


You’ve never asked a question about work stuff with a work colleague?
Or do you always ask your manager?

It might be something that’s better to jump on there and then, so it can be rectified for the next contet, next stoppage, next quarter. Coaches get 10-15 minutes at quarter time breaks, half an hour at half time, they just can’t get to every single thing.

The players are on the spot
There’s going to be times when team-mates will see something the coaches don’t
There might be players who listen and understand team-mates better than certain coaches
It could be any number of reasons

These players make literally hundreds of decisions a game. Coaches can’t go through all of them.


A lot of people complaining that we didn’t play well etc. To be honest, I find the win to be encouraging, as this is the sort of game we usually drop. So to come out with a win against a bottom 4 team was a good sign. Brisbane aren’t a pushover either, they’ve played some great games this year (almost knocked over port in Adelaide).


Ask carlton and St Kilda, who’ve chopped a bunch of experience, and now find themselves with a win apiece.
Ask Melbourne, who decided to sack all their leaders, had a bunch of 4 win seasons, then went and recruited leaders.

As a matter of fact, the 7 youngest teams (on average, across the year so far) are the 7 bottom teams. Pretty strong correlation.


il be suprised if it’s under 40


We are playing with a cobbled together forward line as far as the talls are concerned. And the little guys aren’t currently in ideal touch. We need more tall depth down there. McKernan and Brown will never be the answer. Back line appears reasonably sorted for depth, mids are coming along, forwards not so much.


This is why orazio MUST play permanently forward for now. No hooker, Joe or stewart down there with Tippa and green as ordinary as ever. We’re fkg boned if we are relying on brown and mckernan to kick us scores. We have stringer as a genuine threat, that’s it.

We need another legitimate threat down there. Orazio is that