We won a milestone game! Lions review thread


29 year old midfielder has OK game. Stop the presses


Who are the two playmakers?

Heppell and?


Dea was good again today




Yeah, … that would be the important bit.

Lets just say most CP’s for our entire team then …


Myers had plenty of junk possessions, missed tackles and missed a set shot for goal.

Lets not just look at the disposals and think he had a great game because in reality he had a very average game.

68% disposal efficiency (turned it over at least 9/10 times)

3 tackles (for an inside mid is woeful)

and only 273 meters gained (average according to champion data)

This is against the second worst team in the competition, nothing impressive.



unless injured those guys should not be dropped for the rest of the year.

the rest, same ■■■■ different day. be thankful brisbane are that ■■■■, that outshitted essington.


Dude, … you need to work on your math …


This is going to be a disappointing season,
we have potential but will finish 9th - 14th


We say that every year, truth is we aren’t a good side.


I stopped reading from here


Just having a glass of red with my old mate Kevin Sheedy


Just arrived in London to see we’ve won interstate AND for a milestone game. Fantastic!!

Saw the Hodge knocked out Heppell. Was it in the act of play? Or was Hodge being his usual dirty prick self?


Both running at the ball, was a fair bump


I hate hodge like everyone should but he did nothing wrong. Heppell seemed to just mistime a tackle because of Hodge’s fumble.


Hepp didn’t really approach that contest very well. Was always going to arrive second and left himself wide open. Should have been getting low and looking to bump. I’ve seen hodge avoid that sort of contact before. Instead hepp made an easy target of himself


I’m just saying, if you’re going to make a big deal out of Myers’ game and post gifs, at least get the facts correct if you’re touting them.

Using contested possessions or any possession count as a base for influence on a game is wrought with danger. A free kick for example counts as a contested possession, getting a handball away from a hitout is counted as a contested possession and a looseball get counts as a contested possession, it’s basically all done by Champion Data and stat winning has no bearing on impact. It’s no basis to argue a player had a great game whatsoever. Josh Green had 8 contested possessions. Picking up a ball with an opposition player near you can count as a contested possession.

If you want any more proof, have a look through the stats at any game we played from Round 2 to about the Geelong game. We regularly dominated the stats and won possession counts by 40-100 and yet got thrashed most weeks. Every week most our midfielders were getting 30+ touches, it means jack.

I reckon if we’re going nuts over his game today then we’re truly celebrating mediocrity. He’s a 29 year old inside midfielder won went at 68% efficiency, won a fair bit of cheap ball and didn’t do much with it. I counte
a fair few one two’s and he won a lot of it running free wide on the wings…And whilst we’re celebrating an average game it’s another missed opportunity for a younger midfielder to get a game.


hodge didnt have any other option. play on


He ■■■■ in your porridge?


Good fun at the Gabba today, maybe out numbered Lions fans ( maybe )

Made it from the ground to airport in 60 mins, to think they have an airport train in Brisbane, how modern & progressive.

Bomber fans at the Qantas club, we are everywhere