We won a milestone game! Lions review thread


Our three acquisitions are looking good currently. Smith will win the b and f by a mile, Saad has been consistent and has shut his opponent down regularly and Stringer is starting to get some consistency.

Favourite Stringer stat is his 9 tackles today. That’s genuine effort and something that Woosha would love to see.

Slowly starting to see some very good positives from what has been a horrible season for us.

If we could see guys like Francis, Redman, Ridley, Langford establish themselves in the 22 post bye we’d be salvaging something from this year.

A win against the Eagles will mean I’ll painfully start looking at ladder positions again. Decent month of footy from the boys.


Honestly who can see David Myers being in our next premiership side?

You need to be realistic, I’m sick of this club accepting mediocre players putting in an average performance once every 6 weeks and thinking that’s ok.


I’m rapt for everyone who was there.


6 score involvements, 5 ckearances, 6 marks, 3 tackles
He was good. Not great, good.
At some point the “why celebrate an older guy playing well” brigade have actually crossed over to being more ridiculous than the “why would his spot ever be in jeopardy” brigade.

If they select him when he’s not playing well, or hasn’t earnt it, there’s an issue

Right now he’s played well, and booked a flight to Perth, as simple as that.


The only thing letting Stringer down at the moment are his set shots… was he this bad at set shots from 20-30 out at the Dogs?


He was in poor form, got dropped through “injury”, missed a few weeks and then came back. So yes, it is an issue. Considering you had guys like Redman, Clarke, Mutch and Ridley scrapping for a game it doesn’t make sense.

I’m saying he had an OK game, I’m not saying he had a bad game, or a great game. I’m saying it was OK but not worth celebrating and not worth the “stick it up the haters!” posts. it’s embarrassing to see us celebrate an average game or at best a slightly above average game. He’s a 29 year inside midfielder who’s still yet to prove himself regularly, and I don’t think that game was worth mentioning either way.

Those stats mean nothing to me, otherwise we’ve had regulary had the best 6 players on the field after every loss this year as we’ve had a raft of midfielders dominating possession. Useless possessions.


The only issue to come out of today’s game is how do we fit redman, ridley, gleeson, hurley, hooker, saad, mckenna and francis all into the same backline, especially when Matty Dea is playing consistently well?


Took my young bloke to the footy, had a ball, was fun sticking it to the Lions fans. He got a high 5 from Guelfi which was nice.

The game itself was scrappy and frustrating. What are people’s thoughts on Goddard? He seems to make some very basic mistakes. I wouldn’t be upset if he didn’t go to Perth.



Probably not used to being so tired when taking set shots. Does a lot more running now days!


Hit hodge late and they got a downfield
Free and goaled

Hodge decked Heppell earlier.


Trade for midz


We can’t take a contested mark. Tbell and Stringer are the only ones who look dangerous in the air. I don’t know what role they have hooker playing but we need to get him setup down the line for long kicks or kick outs. Our midfielders have no chance of taking contested marks.


Trade Hurley for an A grade mid


Goddard’s done IMO.

My young boy loved the win too, waved his flag at every opportunity. Lots of red and black on the train home


Not much of that is true, though.
Mutch was not scrapping for a game, he’s been out with a concussion.
Redman played.
Ridley was playing, tailed off, rightfully dropped.
Clarke is the only one who really should’ve been in the frame.

Myers rightfully got “injured”/ dropped, came back to the 2s, played well, put himself into the frame to come back to the 1s.
This is how the system is meant to work.

We have Colyer, Zaha, parish (and until this week Mutch) out injured. That’s where Myers should fit: 2 or 3 outside our best midfield.

If anyone actually says he’s a superstar, by all means. But I’m not sure anyone had. BSD is just rubbing it in the face of anyone who thought Myers couldn’t play well. To which I say: cop it! HOOF


Has anyone said he CAN’T play a good game? I doubt it. Everyone knows he can play a good game, just a pity he mixes in about half a dozen trash games with it. Same thing happened early this year when he had his “good game” and we got that picture of him pointing…followed it up with a month of trash. And I think BSD must be thankful you can read his mind and talk for him now? And if he’s doing it to rub it in the face of “all those people” that said he CAN’T play a good game then I think that’s foolish as most people know Myers is capable of a good game. He just rarely does it.

Myers didn’t even got dropped he got the “injured” excuse used for him. He then played one game in the seconds where he wasn’t even listed in the bests and had 20 possessions and got the immediate recall. Yeah tell me about how our great system works of rewarding effort in the seconds…Redman got a game today, where’s he been for 3 months? Mutch had a year and a half of good football in the seconds before he got a game. It took Clarke 2 months before we got him a gig…then dropped him the next week. I love to hear about this reward for great seconds effort.

I’m glad you really rated his game today, shows how mediocre we are.


Take the win and run.

Redman showed plenty and looked so sure of himself.


Best worst win ever.

(Interpret that as you will.)


What you boys don’t understand non-literal language? Maybe you need to hit the books.