We won a milestone game! Lions review thread


How about constructing a sentence - then we’ll go from there.


Actually in the act of play.

It will get plenty of media attention but just one of those things.


I said I thought he was good, not great. Good enough to get another run, not good enough to change anyone’s mind on his spot in the big picture. Continuing the criticism right now just looks peevish.

But please do go on telling me how Mutch has been gunning for a spot!


I think he’s pointing out that yes_thats_the_joke.jpg




Luke Hodge though.

Hope he gets the 8 he should’ve got for actively pushing Wingard’s head into a goal post at full speed.


In years gone past I would have lamented the poor quality of the competition.

Now, I smile and think “you reap what you sow AFL.”


I wrote us off at the start of the week. Very glad the team told me to shut up.


i think brisbane are ok.

its the goldcoast which are a waste of time.

they reckon 7k at spotless. and think that was exaggerated. oh and they literally gave away seats.


Good to get a win, hope boys enjoy the break.

Think we need to be conservative with selection after bye.

I would rest - Heppell, Smith, Bellchambers give them 2 week break over concusion and calf niggles.

In: Clarke, Long, Francis
Out: Heppell, Smith, Bellchambers

B: Baguley Francis Dea
Hb: Redman Hurley McKenna
C: Long Clarke Saad
Hf: Fanta Brown Langford
F: Green Hooker Tippa
R:McKernan Stringer Myers
Isn’t: zerrett, Goddard, Guelfi, McGrath
Emg: Draper, Laverde, Zerk-Thatchet

If Langford is suspended then Laverde in.

We will lose Ruck to Natanui so at least mckernan will be another mid.


bring gleeson, colyer zaka and daniher back into that side and we’ll give carlton a run for their money :slight_smile:
jokes aside I am really enjoying Saad’s work.

stringer almost gave me a, well he was epic I thought.

I hate hodge but in fairness heppell put on a clinic on how to get knocked out. Was odd.

Merrett seens to be back to his best.

Feeling a bit more optimistic after the last four games.


I think Heppell expected Hodge to have some interest in the footy he’d just dropped.
Hodge did not.
So they were both standing up and open when contact occurred.


Long won’t be coming in.


Well done to you and the others who went. From Woosha’s press conferences a journo commented on the amazing interstate support Essendon get. Woosha agreed it’s amazing.

So take a bow those who went. You did the club proud.




Well, Richmond played eight in defence against us last week…




Myers ( an experienced player) plays one good game and you use it to troll.:fu:*


■■■■ that was painful.

The kids look good.


But how many of those disposals of Myers were effective? It seemed to me that a lot went straight to an opponent, plus there were several times he could have tackled someone but either didn’t or couldn’t.

edit: I see I have come late to this party.