We won a milestone game! Lions review thread


If Myers played a good game, great, never been an issue.

Needs to do it again next week, that’s been his issue.




So Clarke and Francis are?


Near enough to 70% efficiency, … which is about average for an inside mid. Check Hepp et al’s numbers for reference.

Thats 7 out of 10 that didn’t hit an opponent.


No idea but they look streets better than Long.


these collisions are a direct result of the newish interpretation of a legal bump imo. If heppel bumps, and hodge is knocked out, then he cops weeks, all because he had “an option to tackle”. so he takes his option to tackle and ends up getting poleaxed. that doesn’t happen 5+ years ago. annnyyyyywwwaaayyy great to win without him all the same.


When I saw the bump on Hep live I thought hodge was gone. After seeing the reply he should be fine, just a really good contest.


I think they have softened the application this year, possibly in the wake of cotchin getting off last year.


ffs can you peanuts take it elsewhere ffs


Myers was good today. He does seem to have lost his weapon though, used to be elite on the left and now is nothing special. That goal he missed after the Fanta pass, lordy!!

Speaking of Fanta, that’s about as poorly as I’ve seen him play. Hopefully a one off.


i hope brad johnson is choking on his salty tears, the grinning twat. has anyone barracked as hard for another team whilst commentating. fmd.


Lol…now Myers guranteed to play West coast. Eagles midfield is going to bend us over with their spread. In this day and age we just can’t carry players like that.

Langford, Ridley, Redman, Guelfi, Much, Begley etc have shown we just have to give youngsters who are performing a go.

Francis, Laverde and Clarke should have played this game.


Yeah save your vitriol for Mike Fitzpatrick.


They’d be a bit awkward to carry home. :wink:


if you’re trying to be bsd, you need more commas and ellipses.


I’ve only seen the highlights but he was enjoying it so much when rich? got away with a throw handpass.




:roll_eyes: , …


Don’t forget Alistair lynch
Before the first bounce: ‘essendon will win, unfortunately’
When some brisbane pr*ck whacked baguely in the guts, ‘play on nothing to see here’


i can’t even remember half the dumb ■■■■ they came up with.

at one stage i think tea fumbled over the line and was clearly trying to pick the ball up, “oh he’s lucky there with a clever fumble” or something like that. pack of wankers.

i loved the carry on when stringer’s behind got overturned. glorious.