We won a milestone game! Lions review thread


And was I talking to your originally or did you feel it necessary to insert yourself into other people’s arguments? That sounds a bit more “peevish” to me.

A 29 year old midfielder had an average game and you had someone posting his “sticking it up the haters” posts. Then used stats to prove his game was good when it’s a useless thing to do. Wowee, I was telling him in essence that the game was average and in no way did he stick it up anyone. Average on the basis that the game wasn’t overly influential and he’s nearly 30 and if you can’t perform at that age then I frankly have no idea why you’re in the side. I don’t think that’s worthy of a sticking it up the hater defence, considering his woeful run of form before he got “injured”. He’s absolutely lucky that he’s in the side right now, before today he’s been utterly shocking this year.

And yes, absolutely Mutch has been well and truly deserving of a run in the seniors. He was fantastic last year and has played well in the seconds all year this year until his concussion. Clarke has been magnificent all year but was dropped after one to make room for spuds like Myers, who’s been utterly sh*t for most the year and in no way part of the future. But yes, lets keep gifting games plodders over kids.


65-44 i50s our way.

This was a comprehensive victory. We setup well, continued to take the game on (almost too much) and scored our 2nd win on the road for the year.

Props to the coaches who were bang on with their selection and got the better of the important matchups.

I’m definitely in the “less Myers” camp, but was very happy we’d gone with an experienced player when Hepp went down.

Three from our last 4 is an excellent result, especially considering the opposition. The Lions are no basket case, and their form the past 6 weeks is better than the Bulldogs or dockers. It’s a good win.


Choking on a bag of dicks would be worse. Agree with the sentiment.


Spoilsport … He cracks me up :sunglasses:


how was good was mcgrath in the 3rd(?) quarter at CHF gliding his way through traffic. was awesome to see.


I believe their tackling is now consistently good.


One minute before end of third q Stringer on boundary. Begley, Gleeson and LaVerde in the crowd. Nice!


Nice to be looking forward to reviewing the replay, … aahhhh.:relieved:


You going to yell SPUD at every touch again?


SPUD Brown??

Kinda like it , … might stick with it as an ironic nick. :wink:

Hopefully it stays Ironic …*

(*Yeah, I know It probably won’t …)


The middle ground between “David Myers should be delisted” and “David Myers is da best A grade elite midz fan clubTM” is that he’s a capable, experienced guy who’s on the fringes of the 22.

Ideally he’s outside the 22, and we get a fair few games into Clarke as well.


We won. Best part.


Can’t for the life of me think of what Mitch Brown was doing running away from the goals to the boundry to snap/dribble the goal in the last qtr, he is very very luck he didn’t miss.


Wouldn’t you really reckon “ideally”, he gets to the point where he’s doing roughly what he did today everyday, with improvement and a couple of snags a game??

We could really use his big frame in there all the time for mine, … I want him to get to dead set first picked best 22 week in week out, myself.

Also, … I kinda get Heath Hocking flavoured Déjà vu with the criticism on him, … I reckon plenty don’t really see what he does for us, as they didn’t for a long time with Heater.


Brown, I’m not his biggest fan, but he played alright today and earner his petrol money. I guess he stays in.

BUT has there ever been another player in the history of aussie rules that doesn’t look like an actual top level player?


he had 2-3 weeks of no footy and 1-2 weeks of that was no contact training. I don’t mind him but he’s nowhere near the sort of level you think about parachuting him in off that sort of base.

Realistically we should be aiming for every player to be treated the same way. Out injured = find form & fitness through reserves.
I guess that’s a bad thing though.


Honestly, no.
At his age, with his limitations, and with his injury history, it’d be the blindest sort of optimism to hope to build a midfield with him as a major plank.

Ideally he is a hole-plugger for another year or so until the more talented kids turn cameos into full-time, 22-games-a-year work.

But that’s the big picture.
I still hope he does well when he’s picked. I prefer when Essendon players play well.


Take a bow the bloke on crutches sitting behind me who took the opportunity of delivering a spray at Hodge every time he even looked like getting a possession. Normally I would endulge myself, however, apart from a brief cameo had to do the ‘responsible parent’ thing to my son.


I had to do a double take at one stage with Redman when he was pointing. Almost BJ in appearance.


Mini God.