We won’t win a flag without a champion CHF

Looking back at our last four flags I noticed that each had a star CHF: Hird, Lucas, T. Daniher and Merrett. This year in the first half a dozen games - according to AFL lineups - Baldwin, Stringer, Guelfi, Cutler and Ham were named at CHF. Not quite the same players as those in the flag sides.

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Ah, merrett to CHF then and we should be all good :+1:

Does this really need it’s own thread?


What’s a centre half forward

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We are recruiting Davey, all fixed, next topic.


You also need to include Van Der Haar in that illustrious company.


Richmond seemed to manage quite nicely without a CHF when they won 3 flags in 4 years.

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Title is so right, Fede frew saw us get a flag.

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So what was Jack R doing?

In 2017, he was playing FF

Decoy HFF.

I’m not sure if you’re agreeing with me or not :wink:

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2 of the 3 had Reiwoldt & Lynch.
Raffle which one was at FF & which was CHF, but a pretty stock standard type of fwd structure.

2017 they had Townsend pinch hitting.


Ok then
2016 Western Bulldogs - CHF Zaine Cordy
2015 Hawthorn - CHF Ryan Schoenmakers
neither would be classed as classic CHFs

The point I’m trying to make is that a quality CHF is good but not the determining factor in winning a premiership



Aaron Cadman.

CHF = Clone Hirdy Forward.

Given our penchant for leading / kicking to the boundary line, a CHF is only relevant when we change our delivery routes.