Weagles player bashed in "G-Town"

WEST Coast Eagles footballer Will Schofield suffered serious facial injuries after an unprovoked attack in Geelong early Saturday.

Police said they were investigating the violent incident that saw the 196cm defender king-hit from behind while walking south along Moorabool St about 1am.

Detective Senior Constable John McKinnon said 24-year-old Schofield was walking towards Thomas Jewellers, on the corner of Malop St, when the attack occurred.

He said the offender did not appear to know his victim was a West Coast Eagles player or target due to his position.

Police are still searching for the thug, he said.

``There were no earlier altercations with this male and the offender didn't appear to flee the scene,'' he said.

``He was king hit to the side of the face as he was walking along with one male friend.


``We're still establishing our inquiries in relation to it.''

West Coast today released a statement confirming the attack.

They said Schofield was one of a number of players who were granted permission to stay over in Melbourne after the match against Collingwood at the MCG.

``He was out with friends on Saturday night and they were walking to their vehicle when they were attacked.

``Schofield returned to Perth last night and will be assessed by the club's medical staff.

``As this matter is the subject of a police investigation, the club cannot make any further comment.''

Any one with information on the assault is urged to contact Geelong police on 5225 3100 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

Sadly this sort of crap is pretty common in Geelong.

Shithole of a place.

Even more common in Melbourne too. Disgusting!

unprovoked attack in Geelong 

Yeah, that'll happen

that's pathetic. Poor guy is just walking to his car and gets hit. Do people really not understand that king hits can kill people? Or do they just not care? How is it tough to drop someone from behind :angry:


Didn't Ricky Dyson get his jaw broken years ago while he was waiting for a taxi?

You are either 196cms+ yourself or on it to tackle a bloke that size.

You are either 196cms+ yourself or on it to tackle a bloke that size.

Exactly what I thought.


You are either 196cms+ yourself or on it to tackle a bloke that size.

Exactly what I thought.


sadly most of Geelong is on Shard. Fun times.


And agree with earlier sentiments, Geelong is a shithole and full of heroes who just go out to belt people.

If I was granted permission to stay over in Melbourne, I sure as hell wouldn't be visiting Geelong..It's not like there's anything to do there anyway.

He’s from Geelong originally

He's from Geelong originally

I stand by my original statement :)