Website timeouts with 522 errors

It appears some people (including myself) are getting timeouts with a 522 error. This is a server-side error and I’m not sure why it would be partial to particular users. Applies both on computer and phone (wifi and over-the-air).

Very briefly down Sunday, during the VFL game. Then down Monday morning to Tuesday morning (~25 hours). Then down last evening to this morning (~15 hours).

I better post this before it comes back…

I’ll look into it…

happened to me once today… meh just refresh.

I was trying to repair the DB a few minutes ago

I started stressing that something serious sorry saga related had gone down.

Remember when old blitz hard crashed and people rusted ASADA had taken it down?

Pepperidge Farm remembers

Interesting, 522 error on wifi/iiNet but OK on mobile. Has previously always been up/down for both simultaneously.

I’m getting them too constantly on a PC but no problems on an iPhone.

Rebooted modem, seemed to fix it.

Which remains confusing given it’s reported as a server-side error.

I also wonder whether the phone switching between 3G and 4G might explain the phone on/off-ness???

Got that here too. on laptop and phone.

Happening to me all the time on the mobile atm. Actually mobile performance and dropped of a cliff for me in the last week or so

Oh I see I’m not alone and u peeps are ■■■■■■■■ about this in another thread