Week 1 2021 Non Essendon Finals

Are those free kicks forward of the 50 arc?

Orazio is one of those people that one day will be playing golf and find a way to hit himself in the eye with his own ball.

Walking disaster zone, health wise.


He never had any trouble putting his snout in the trough.

Wow Tom Hawkins was angrily picking his nose, great pick up Tom!


Can everyone just give Raz a break. He netted us the picks that we used to bring in the new Joe Misiti

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Ding ding! (Yes a quarter to go)

Hawkins 300th game in a final and they dish this crap

His team mates should be fcking embarrassed

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Kockhead bogans vs ducking ump loved douch bags, not something to get worked up about.


Yeah c’mon umps what are yas doing?

just like west coke

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Make it a psyche crushing 15 Goal win now Port. Break them open, and shatter them mentally pls.

Fark I hate these flogs.

Is that his only 300th goal WTF has he been doing for 12 years

300th game

Hey Geelong, you don’t get to play Collingwood next week for an 11 goal victory like you did last year. Enjoy straight sets.

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So he is cooked after this year even better


Reckon port will make it to the GF don’t have Richmond in the way

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Continued to stink up the game big time, along with his partners in crime Rohan & Dalhaus. Cats out classed comprehensively throughout. The Cats preferred game style has been found out, they are sadly lacking movement, and are unable or unwilling to take the game on.

3/4 time
PA 9.8 - 64
Gee 3.11 - 29


Hopefully Geelong go bonkers in the last quarter and go down by a soul crushing 8 points. Nothing left in the tank for next week. Straight sets.



More likely to go down by 8 goals.