#WeHeartHird anyone up for round 22 thank you gesture?

Similar to our #StandByHird campaign anyone up for a thank you gesture at bitchmond game?
Feel it’s only appropriate to let the footy world know we care.

Happy to chip in and help organise.

Tips from past campaigners and hashtag ideas VERY welcome.

Just one more…

Hundreds of blitzers to storm the ground r23, lift the players onto our shoulders and carry them all around until we’re stuffed or spear tackled by security. A Hirdy, back our boys and fark Asada / AFL chant too from the people on levels 2 & 3.

  • #OnlyHalfSerious

  • #MaybeFullSerious

Blitz stood behind Hird previously. He is well aware of that support. No need to go again.

Hopefully one of our last two games is all about Fletch. Hird would prefer that, methinks.

And hashtags have run their race. Hopefully.

Sure. Let’s drop it.
I realise that it’s more complex than I thought and people’s response more diverse than anticipated.

I have no doubt that those who want to will each find their own way to make their feelings known.

Let’s just get on with healing.

just let it go.

dont give all those other ■■■■■■ more ammo

Yeah I’m sure the 2,000 of our fans that attend and get to wave it for each of the 4 goals we kick will really work wonders. Enough with these hashtag catchphrases.

Mendozza might have a few ideas. Perhaps try PM’ing him.

Love the sentiment, but it’s still too raw to think of doing anything like that.
Maybe wait a few days or a week.



■■■■ carlton


I think the best show of support is to turn out in numbers for the Richmond and Collingwood games.

I love Hird, the man has shown amazing resilience and leadership. I think Hird knows we love him.

I just think it’s time get behind the club, doesn’t matter who is on the board, they will come and go, at the end of the day we all bleed red & black. So I think if you want to # a line (not that i’m huge on that), how about something that shows what the clubs means to us.

Jesus I f*cking hate hashtag catch cries

Hashtag no more hashtags.



Guys, it was a good one time thing. Any more than that is ■■■■■■■ unbearable.

Alright already so you don’t like hashtags. #WeGetIt

I think threadbear was suggesting we do something for Hirdy at our last home game. Not a bad idea surely.
Maybe James and Dustin could go for a wander around the MCG at the end of the game (memories of Sheeds and Hirdy at an Essendon/Richmond game … plus I expect we’ll have a similar result on the scoreboard).