Welcome to 10,000 hit-outs - Todd Goldstein

Workshopping an idea for a Goldy fan club that heads to games dressed as characters from the late 80s sitcom “The Golden Girls”.

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Need to somehow keep this guy going til 40.

Can we give him an infusion of children’s blood or whatever it is those life extension freaks do.

I have loved having Toddy in the side. Amazing to think where we would be with Drapes out, if Goldy was not here.

Bleeds Red and Black.:joy:

He makes it rain with his hit outs. Love watching a Goldy Shower!

Was excellent on SEN this week too!


Old Goldy :chocolate_bar:

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His best game for the club so far. He looked cooked last week against the eagles. Looked fresh yesterday. Must be putting a mountain of work into his recovery

Had a massive game against a tough opponent. Seemed like endless stoppages in the last quarter. I know he’d probably like to play against his old team but seems like next week would be the perfect time to rest him and give Bryan a go. Bryan had a big game on the weekend.

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Xerri will destroy Bryan no way we are resting Goldy

Come on, at some point we have to give him 2 extra weeks off. He is an old man FCS.

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Xerri/Goldstein and Xerri/Bryan would both be interesting match-ups.

Xerri only has the #1 role because Goldstein left. Goldy kept him out of it for at least one and maybe two years. Obviously they’d know each other’s game very well from competing against each other at training, and you’d think Xerri would be very keen to make a statement, or at least not lower his colours.

I rate Bryan a lot more than most. His tap-work is more than okay, and his disposal and ground ball work (other than Draper’s run and gun from the hit-out) is better than the other two, too.

Not really sure we could play both…
But maybe?

This definitely isn’t an argument for Goldstein to be rested. If he’s travelling alright then he definitely should play. If not, then I don’t mind putting him in a better position physically for more difficult games.


Jon Ralph been told that Goldy has been offered a 1 year deal and will play on next year.

Also claims Nick Bryan is likely to leave 4 clubs were intrested in him last season.


Let’s see what Cal says about it.

I’m not sure Goldy gets the credit he deserves, but I reckon him being in the team has added some badly needed consistent stability and just quietly makes the rest of the midfield group stand an inch taller. Draper has the higher peaks but some terrible lows, it’s good to have consistent week in week out reliability.



I just hope Brad and those in Bomber Command know what they’re doing if this rumour about Bryan looking to leave next season for games has any substance.

I look at it this way given current state of play.

Draper is now out for a good 6-8 weeks and will be working back to match fitness even when he comes back. He’s had regular injury stints most seasons now. He’s unfortunately injury prone. And whilst I love Goldy and for what he’s brought, he’s 35. And whilst incredibly reliable fitness wise, well … he’s 35. The older you go the risk of incurring a serious knock or soft tissue injury in AFL and being able to recover quickly surely diminishes?

Anyone doing a risk assessment of the Bombers ruck stocks right now might conclude if Goldy does a calf or hammy say this month, then we’re suddenly stuffed. Bryan as our #3 option would be asked to come in cold nearly.

Bryan just has to play more, beginning this weekend alongside Goldy to support him whilst banking valuable AFL minutes. Leave 2MP up front to regain his forward craft and clunking, and leave the true rucks to do just that with a bit around the ground.


So far every rumour of Bryan looking to leave seems to be personal opinion. McGuane said last night “I just think that” Bryan will look elsewhere. When challenged on his opinion, he quickly admits he wouldn’t walk into a primary ruck role in any other club.


Nah, we are playing taller mids.

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He was well beaten today, got a spanking in the first half, and was poor in the first half against GWS, too. I reckon he’s played two good games this season and a couple of others that were ok, I’m a little confused as to why he’s a walk-up start at his age and when we’ve got a young ruck who’s absolutely smashing it in the seconds. I thought he might play 6 or 7 AFL games this year, but he’s played all 10 so far and all of those seemingly as first ruck. We should be getting games into Bryan, the whole situation is a bit odd in my opinion.


Brad has made it no secret what he thinks of Goldy as a person so I no doubt think hes getting picked because of their previous relationship.

Bryant has to come in after todays performance, both by Bryant and Goldstein. Goldy looks tired.