Welcome to 10,000 hit-outs - Todd Goldstein

Why did we constantly lay the ball down at throw in and ball ups towards the spare Carlton player arhat efron back of the stoppage

It was mind numbing

2 rucks please we’ve had plenty of chance to get games into Bryan but Brad plays favourites

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I’ve never seen a ruck grab the ball out so many times other than when it’s against a part timer.

If tonight didn’t make you think goldy is done then god help you

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Concur with this post. Yet for all that, there were a couple of Blitzers early in the week, stating the DeK was no good. His has been in excellent form and our only chance of limiting his influence tonight was to run 2 rucks against him. Goldy doesn’t have it in him to go with the younger more athletic rucks running around now. Bryan needs the run and the experience, he should have played instead of Jones or 2MP.

Bryan comes in for the second half give Goldie some time developing Vigo in the ressies and draper cokes straight in for 2MP if he doesn’t pull his finger out.

Every minute he plays is a complete waste of time. He has been smashed for 3 weeks straight but Brad’s blind spot for his old mate knows no bounds.

Goldie played well last night and so did his opponent. He is a much better player at 36 than Bryan is ever going to be.

We would be better off making 2MP ruck until Draper returns than persisting with Bryan.

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So Bryan is trade bait only?

You mean grab the ball AND run away

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He is a good VFL player, who still does not dominant VFL games and does not get involved in the game enough. Goldstein is old, but he still runs more than any other of our rucks.

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Kayo don’t allow screenshots on an Android phone…wtf ?

Wanted to show Goldy calling for the ball off Perkins late 3rd.
When Perkins kicks it he’s still a few metres in front of TDK.

Then TDK makes the ground up when he realizes Perkins is passing, and Goldy doesn’t even go up.

Disappointing, though we know he should have had a shot.

The boundary umpires were weak as ■■■■, so many shallow throw ins, genuinely embarrassing and unfortunately for us, the quicker ruckman got there first

This is so blindingly obvious, and the opposition clearly knows it, too.

Broadly speaking, we are generally too tall and too slow. I know it’s a bit risky, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Cox playing a bit of relief ruck, with another running player added to the forward mix.


Most of the night our forward line looked like little league playing men.

Also Goldy can’t jump anymore. TDK was able to leap over him with ease. Bryan on the other hand does have a good leap.

Geez i thought goldy was actually ok last night and broke even with TDK, but it seems like that’s the minority view.

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Perkins should have
kicked it to Goldy advantage. DeK didn’t enter into it. Don’t blame Goldy
Bounced and nail the goal himself.

Perkins is worth preserving with but last night had 3 gilt edged chances to show some class and fluffed his lines badly.

Missed from 30
Dropped a mark 30 out when we were surging
The above Goldy play

I thought TDK was BOG.

Yeah goldy got involved and got a fair few hit outs but he let his opponent run a muck


Goldy was okay, but still beaten.
Goldy had more HO’s, though it didn’t translate into a Clearance advantage.

TDK had 5 more disp’s
5 more marks (2 contested)…Goldy had zero.
6 more contested possessions.
2 more Clearances

TDK was the clear winner.


TDK was one of the best on ground.

The tap dual was fault even but around the ground TDK covered Alot more what did he get 25 possessions?

Yes, really.
I’ve now watched it a number of times.
He called for it and should have contested harder, OR contested at all, even though the kick wasn’t perfect.

Ultimately, Perkins should have kicked it to him 2 steps sooner, or had the shot.
The latter, obviously !

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