Welcome to 10,000 hit-outs - Todd Goldstein

And one that’s good with his disposal.

This is strange, i thought goldy was good. It might be ‘we lost, let’s go after the old guy’ mentality, as i was surprised de koning didn’t dominate like i was expecting pre game.


He was comfortably the best player on the ground.

Goldy’s direct opponent. 3 weeks in a row (that Goldy has played) the opposition’s most influential player has been Goldy’s direct opponent.

This isn’t a coincidence.

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Goldstien played well i thought but it was fkn dumb to have him go head to head with TDK but we didnt have many options. In my opinion, we should have played bryan WITH goldy and just tried to outwork him, that was the only way to nullify him a bit. Goldy was never going to keep up with TDK around the ground


it needs to be goldy + draper/bryan, id look at dropping one of jones or 2mp to get bryan in the side to act as robin.

Is bryan good enough? probs not but we have absolutely no idea what kind of player he is at afl level

The problem is that he can’t keep up with any opposition ruckman around the ground.

If he was delivering it down to the mids like Polly Farmer we could overlook his lack of athleticism. But he’s not. Ideally Draper would be the sole ruck, but he doesn’t have the tank for it. If we go for two rucks after the bye, I’d prefer it to be Draper and Bryan. But we all know that won’t happen.

Playing Goldstein as the first ruck is not taking us forward. It’s already showing, and it will sure as hell be showing in 2025…

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Cripps in the ruck and we still hit in towards there players lol